Easy No Heat School Lunches

BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! I’m that eager first time elementary school mom who is living up to her A-type, OCD stereotype of preparation. One of my favorite parts is getting set with our meal prepping schedule. When it comes to school lunches, bento boxes are my go to! They’re so easy to customize and fill with good food that I know my kids will eat, even when I’m not around to force it!

Today’s post is sponsored by Sistema. As always, all opinions and content are my own.

My MIL recommended these Sistema® containers for school lunches. They make the whole meal prepping process so much easier. Sistema containers come in an assortment of sizes and I love the variety of each container that is tailored to different types of foods. There’s currently a promotion on Amazon through 8/19/18 on some of my go-to Sistema containers for school lunches:

  • Sistema To Go Collection Snack Attack Duo Food Storage Container, 32.9 oz, Clear with Pink
  • Sistema Lunch Collection Sandwich Box Food Storage Containers, 15.2 Ounce Rectangle, Assorted Solid Colors, 3 Pack
  • Sistema Klip It Collection Small Split Food Storage Containers, 1.5 Cup each, Set of 3
  • Sistema Klip It Collection Sandwich Box Food Storage Container, 15.2 Ounce/1.9 Cup each, Set of 3
  • Sistema Lunch Pack with Lunch Cube Max and Trio Bottle, Multi color

I can easily make small snacks and lunches out of their small split container. Their salad kit is great with the built in knife/fork and salad dressing container, so that the salad is fresh and crisp.

The three pack sandwich pack is great for school lunches because I can get ahead on the week’s lunches on Sundays and be prepped for most of the week. I bought all of the Sistema containers on Amazon with my two day Prime shipping. Nothing beats the convenience of having these shipped straight to our home.

I’ve fully prepped many no heat lunches through A’s preschool years. It’s always easier and simpler for me and his teachers if I keep it to a no heat required lunch. Here is my running list of Easy No Heat School Lunches that I plan on continuing to pack through his transition to Kindergarten:


pasta salad

nutfree butter + jelly bagel thins sandwiches

turkey + cheese bagel thins sandwiches

pita pockets (same ingredients as above)

kimbap (seaweed + rice rolls)

hard-boiled eggs

turkey or ham and cheese lettuce wraps

crackers + cheese + turkey/ham


granola bites


fruit mix

fruit snacks

veggies + dip/hummus

yogurt parfait

pretzels + dip/hummus

homemade trail mix

Easy No Heat School Lunches

What are some of your go to no heat school lunch idea? Share them with me below!

Easy No Heat School Lunches