Back to School Wellness & Benefits of Probiotics

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Back-to-school season signals time for us to get back into our routines. One of the areas that I focus on throughout the school year is proactive wellness for myself and the kids. From our eating habits to regular activity, the school year helps us with structure and uniformity of our day-to-day schedules.

Last spring, I added a daily probiotic to my health regiment. Coming out of the winter season, I was feeling run down, sluggish and overall just not like myself. I’ve taken proactive measures in my overall health and wellness routine. So, when I came across probiotics and their many benefits to ongoing wellness, I decided to add it into my morning routine.

Right now, I take a Renew Life® Women’s Care Ultimate Flora Probiotic with 25 billion cultures once a day. It’s a delayed-release capsule for targeted delivery. I love how it helps me feel balanced. And it’s great for my overall digestive and immune health.

I order it online at Renew Life’s website ( and set the shipping in advance so that I don’t have to worry about running out at month’s end. They also have a Kids Probiotic Daily Boost (with 10 billion cultures) that is a probiotic supplement that provides everyday support for children’s digestive health.

A takes his Renew Life Kids Probiotic Daily Boost in the morning before school or sometimes in the afternoon when he gets home from school. He likes the yummy fruit punch flavor powder sticks that mix easily and quickly in a glass of water. They are made with guaranteed live cultures per serving from two Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli strains. And, don’t miss your window for savings! Right now you can save 15% at with promo code Back2School by heading HERE!

The ordering process is super simple. And we receive our Renew Life probiotics within a few business days. The convenience of online shopping is definitely necessary, especially during the school year when we’re always running short on time and don’t have time for inconvenient gut issues!

The best part of taking a daily probiotic is that it’s a simple addition to our routine. And it offers benefits for all of us. From good digestive health to overall feeling well and balanced, Renew Life probiotics helps us to be proactive about our wellness throughout the school year.

Do you take a daily probiotic? What are some ways you focus on wellness during the school season?

Back to School Wellness & Benefits of Probiotics

Back to School Wellness & Benefits of Probiotics


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