Quick & Easy Five Step Summer Makeup Routine

Recently, a few of you guys asked me what I do for my every day makeup on IG stories. It must have been one of my well rested days, lol 😊.

I wear minimal makeup during the warmer months because of the hot and humid weather in Michigan. I really like that my summer makeup routine is less than ten minutes. Most days of the week, I can quickly go from looking like a hot mess mom to super mom! I swear by my quick & easy five step summer makeup routine. It makes me feel put together without putting in a lot of effort.

As always, incorporating SPF into my every day skincare and beauty routine is number one on my list. My love for Olay runs deep and I’m obsessed with the Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 25. I use it every day as the first step of my quick & easy five step summer makeup routine.

Olay Whip’s lightweight formula leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth, with a matte finish. I love, LOVE the light as air finish, especially during the summer months.

Here’s my Quick & Easy Five Step Summer Makeup Routine

I usually just splash my face with water and pat it dry. Then, I put on Olay Whips SPF 25. It really serves as my moisturizer, primer and SPF all in one. I’m all about keeping my beauty routine as simple as possible, especially during the summer. And Olay Whips SPF 25 is the perfect all in one product that gives me a fresh face all day.

  • Undereye Concealer

I don’t like the heaviness of foundation, even during the colder months. During the summer, I skip it altogether and just use an undereye concealer for my dark circles (that are always around) and around my nose/t-zone if I need it.

  • Bronzer

In lieu of foundation or BB cream, I use bronzer to highlight all over my forehead and cheeks. Since I avoid the sunning my face, it’s my little trick to even out the shade between my face and the rest of my summer/tan skin. If I want a little extra color, I’ll brush a little bronzer on my cheek bones, too.

  • Eyebrows

Clearly, I need help in the eyebrow department. I’ve never had thick eyebrows, plus they’re overplucked like every other woman who is an 80s baby. (Am I right, friends?!) So, I must fill them in! I’ve thought about trying microblading but haven’t had a chance to get it done since I just recently weaned Baby B from breastfeeding. For now, I stick with my trusted graphite art pencil and fill my eyebrows in every day.

  • Mascara

I use to wear eyeliner daily, but nowadays, I just stick to curling my eyelashes and putting a coat or two of mascara for my every day makeup.

quick easy five step summer makeup routine

And just like that, in less than ten minutes, I’ve got a fresh summer face ready to take on the day! I love the simplicity of the whole look. And love how easy it is to apply the Olay Whips SPF 25 as the main base to my quick summer makeup routine. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized with the summer glow all day long!

quick easy five step summer makeup routine

Don’t forget to pick up Olay Whips SPF 25 at your local CVS Pharmacy. I swear you’ll love the scent, texture, and all day SPF coverage as much as I do to use it every day!

Quick & Easy Five Step Summer Makeup Routine

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