How We Live an Active Lifestyle as a Family of Five

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As a mom to three little boys, it goes without saying that it takes a lot of energy to keep up with my kids every day. My husband and I’ve always been “healthy-ish”, but living an intentional, healthy lifestyle and focusing on an active and healthful life has become so much more important since we’ve become parents. Personally, I am working on my own health and wellness goals. And it goes hand in hand with how we live an active lifestyle as a family of five.

Well Balanced Meals & Proper Nutrition

As the cook of the family, I try to make sure that we all eat well-balanced meals that give us proper nutrition every day. What can I say, I like to aim high! LOL. But, let’s be honest, sometimes I hit home runs and other days, it’s about survival. And don’t even get me started about the picky eaters in the family. While I strive to get more fruits and vegetables in our family meals, the chaos of our days and (not) being a short order cook, makes it difficult to ensure that each meal is properly balanced all the time.

To help with our nutritional support, D, A and I’ve been taking the New! One A Day with Nature’s Medley daily. It’s the only complete multivitamin with plant-based antioxidants from one total USDA serving size of fruits and vegetables. I love that it’s free of artificial flavors and sweeteners and has colors from natural sources. We each have our own bottle that is uniquely formulated for Men, Women, and Kids (Ages 4 and up). A loves the flavor and getting in his vitamins for the day!

proper nutrition for active lifestyle family

proper meals for active lifestyle family

Workout Regularly

Another main focus is to make sure that we are exercising regularly. I’ve been on/off the bandwagon and it’s been a personal goal to make regular exercise a priority in my life. We recently joined our local gym that offers childcare and has swimming pools. It’s been a great way for us to get in our workouts and also get in exercise with the kids. We try to go at least a few times with our kids to encourage them about living an active lifestyle by example. They know that it’s important for us to exercise and work out to stay on top of our health. I love when the boys ask us to go because it keeps me accountable with my wellness goals and gives us time to be active together during family swim time.

Active Play

We take full advantage of the limited warm months we have in Michigan. Any chance we have to get outside and play is a great way for all five of us to be active and get out all of our stir crazies. From local parks to school playgrounds, we love taking the boys out to enjoy nature and active play.

active play - active lifestyle family

active lifestyle family

Organized Sports

My husband and I both grew up participating in different organized sports. We both had great experiences and love that our boys can enjoy them now, too. There are so many great benefits to being on a team. We’re slowly adding in different sports for each of the boys as they get older.

Right now, all three of the boys take swim lessons weekly. A + C both love their soccer classes. And A has recently joined a tee-ball league that we all enjoy going to every week. D helps coach the team and is active with all of the kids during practices and games. I’m usually sweating my buns off trying to keep up with the younger two on the playground. It’s a great for all of us to enjoy sports in a variety of ways. Now, my next puzzle will be trying to coordinate all of the different sports and activities between all three boys!

Be Proactive

I’m a firm believer in proactively taking steps to live an active lifestyle. While it’s hard to stay on top of it all in the midst of parenting chaos, I’ve learned in time that focusing on living an active lifestyle as a family (of five) makes us healthier and happier.

A daily multivitamin can help “fill in the gaps” for wholesome vitamins and minerals for the whole family. With the help of nutritional support from New! One A Day with Nature’s Medley and prioritizing our activities and time, I love knowing that our family is able to live an active and healthful life.

Don’t forget to pick up the New! One A Day with Nature’s Medley multivitamins at your local Walmart. Click the link here to get a $4 off coupon!

What are some activities and sports your kids/family love to play?

How We Live an Active Lifestyle as a Family of Five

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