To My Baby on His First Birthday

Today, you are O-N-E.

To my baby on his first birthday
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I’ve written these letters a few times now and yet here I am finding pause as I write these words on your first birthday. While you and your brothers will always be my babies; you, my sweet B will always be “THE” baby. “My baby,” according to your two hyung-ahs (big brothers). 

How is it that we’ve already had one whole year with you? It truly has been the fastest year of my life. And I guess that’s the running theme thus far. From your epic entrance into the world to every laughter and shriek filled day. Time doesn’t stand still when you’re the third baby. I blinked and you turned one.

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You came into this world smiling and you haven’t stopped smiling since. You are truly our happiest baby and spread your joy wherever you go. You are our ray of sunshine and the final piece of the puzzle that made our family complete.

You’re ‘just’ one year old, yet you already have quite the little personality. You are energetic and strong like your daddy. You are fiercely protective like your big brothers. And you love with your whole heart just like your umma. I like to think that you have the best parts of all of us. But, maybe it’s just the rest of us learning how to embrace all of the good that you show us every day.

Oh how I love seeing your happy little feet dancing. And how much I love hearing your squeaky baby voice sing and tell your little stories. To you, everyone is an audience, and boy do you know how to put on a show and melt our hearts. And your biggest fans? Yep, your big brothers. They’ve been enamored with you since day one and smother you in hugs and kisses all day long. I think that’s the greatest gift motherhood has given me. How much it fills my heart to know the bonds that will grow between the three of you now and long into the future after you are all grown up.

Casey Brodley Photography

You would think that by now, I would know everything to expect. With your big brothers who paved the way, I’ve learned and know so much about motherhood. But, even still, it wasn’t until you, I knew what it felt like to be “super mama.” It wasn’t until you, I knew how to be “relaxed mama.” If it wasn’t for you, I would never know the gift and blessing that is being a mama to three little boys.

Thank you for being my life’s littlest teacher with the greatest lessons I’ve yet to learn. I hope we, your dad, your big brothers, and I show you every day how to be silly, be honest, and be kind.

I hope your day is full of sunshine and rainbows and laughter and love. Happy, happy birthday to you my happy baby. I love you forever and ever. Always.

“Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you how BIG it really is.”

To My Baby on His First Birthday

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