Tips for Seasonal Wardrobe Switch Out + Monochrome Little Baby Basics

I hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine and warmth of the spring/summer season. The new blooms, the smell of freshly cut grass and being able to wear just one layer? H-E-A-V-E-N! The boys and I are trying to soak up as much outdoor time as physically possible here in Michigan. They love to play in the yard and take in the simple things and I love that it gives me a chance to slow down and enjoy those moments with them. Isn’t it so sweet, the truly important things in life that our children help us to appreciate in the midst of living our daily, happy chaos?

Speaking of wearing only one layer, I stopped by at our local Carter’s last weekend to pick up some new pieces for my littlest babe. You know my love for Carter’s runs deep and no surprise, I am loving the new arrivals in the Little Baby Basics collection. There’s a variety of different prints and colors and styles. But, I picked up a few pieces and sets from their monochrome section. I’m a neutral loving gal and I think monochrome baby clothes are a must have in a baby’s wardrobe.

If you’re a new or expectant mom, I totally recommend you check out Carter’s Little Baby Basics collections because they offer a variety of comfy and stylish pieces that layer on and off depending on the weather. You can stock up on all of first year baby wardrobe must haves now using these codes below for 20% off your purchase of $40+ now through June 30. ONLINE CODE: CART4342 | IN-STORE CODE: 066944.

Also, if you want a chance to win a $100 gift card, don’t miss out on the Carter’s #lovecarterssweepstakes Twitter Chat! Join us on Thursday, May 17 from 1-2PM ET to share your favorite “firsts” for your little ones and mom wins! Carter’s will be giving 5 lucky participants a $100 gift card at the end of the chat. Make sure to use the hashtag #lovecarterssweepstakes in all your tweets! I’ll be one of the hostesses and I can’t wait to chat with you guys about your sweet babies!

One of the hardest parts of seasonal changes in Michigan is that there is no rhyme or reason as to how our weather fluctuates day to day. One day it will be 70 degrees and the next it will be 30 degrees. You can ask any Michigander, we’ve experienced it all from snow in April to shorts weather in the dead of winter.

The hard part for me is knowing when to do the seasonal wardrobe switch out with the kids. I swear, my kids have gone from wearing snow boots to sandals in the same week! Here are my tips for seasonal wardrobe switch out:

Pick A Day and Go For It

I’ve been lazy about it for weeks. Finally, on a whim, I chose a weekend afternoon to start hauling out their winter clothes. I was getting sick of the piles of clean laundry just growing by the day. It took a good half a day or more, but it felt so good to get it done (for all three boys).

Keep One Box or Section Open for Layering Pieces

My procrastination worked out in my favor because I think we’re finally over the crazy shifts in weather changes. But, you never know, so I have a box of layering pieces for random cold or rainy days. The boys live in tank tops and their swimwear for most of the summer, but I still keep a few hoodies and pairs of pants handy. You just never know when you’ll have a random cold day around here.

Donate, Donate, Donate

I don’t know about you, but I love the cathartic feeling of cleaning things out and getting rid of unused items. The seasonal wardrobe switch out (2x a year) is a great time for me to go through all of the boys’ clothes. I make piles for the donation center or local shelter and a throw out pile for clothes that won’t/can’t be worn again.

Storage + Labels

Make sure all of the off-season items you’re putting away are C L E A N. I also recommend adding in a few dryer sheets in an airtight container to store the clothes. I’ve been doing it for years since I had A and it’s (mostly) worked well with keeping the stored clothing clean and fresh. Also, make sure to organize and label everything correctly. With having three boys, there’s been a time or two where I’ve gotten sizes mixed up and it ended up being more work on the back end when I couldn’t find certain pieces of clothing for the next kid!

Seasonal Wardrobe Switch Out, monochrome baby clothes

Hopefully, you’re on top of things (unlike me) and you’ve already done the seasonal wardrobe switch for the summer. But, if you haven’t make sure to take notes from my lessons learned. And don’t forget to pick up your Carter’s Little Baby Basics and get 20% off your purchase of $40+ now through June 30. ONLINE CODE: CART4342 | IN-STORE CODE: 066944.

Tips for Seasonal Wardrobe Switch Out + Monochrome Little Baby Basics


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