Baby Feeding Schedule at One Year Old

You’ll hear me say this a lot over the next couple of weeks. But, I can hardly believe that my little babe is turning one year old! Cue all the mama tears. Time is so fleeting these days of raising babies.

I haven’t written an update about Baby B’s transition to solid foods. So I figured I’d write a post about what a typical baby feeding schedule at one year old looks like for our littlest babe. I swear this kid would eat all day long if I let him. At just shy of one year old, B has three meals, two (ish or more) snack times and nurses one time before bedtime at night.

This post is sponsored by Happy Family at Target but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The first thing he always has as soon as he wakes up for the day is yogurt and a bottle of milk. These days he loves Happy Family’s first ever yogurt line now available at Target. I’ve loved Happy Family foods for all three of my babes, so I was excited to try the yogurt with B. Happy Family’s yogurt is mindfully made with probiotics and is non-GMO and USDA Organic, with no added sweeteners. It’s a whole milk yogurt with vitamin D that is the perfect breakfast meal for Baby B.

We frequent our local Target store(s) often, so I make sure to stock up weekly on Happy Family Yogurt. It’s the first thing he usually wants for breakfast. B grunts for it in the morning, if I forget to grab it as I fill in bottle up with milk.

At almost one year old, he is on a pretty regular feeding schedule that feels like he’s eating all day long! I swear he eats the most and eats everything without complaint! Here is what our baby feeding schedule at one year old looks like:

  • Wakes up around 7am: A sippy cup/bottle of milk and one cup of Happy Family Baby Yogurt
  • Snack Time around 10am: A pouch, some fruit, leftovers from dinner, and/or baby puffs with water
  • Lunch Time around 12pm: Veggie and Rice Porridge with milk
  • Snack Time around 4pm: A pouch, fruit, and/or baby puffs with water
  • Dinner Time around 6/7pm: A baby portion of family meal with milk
  • Bed Time around 8pm: Nursing session

Baby Feeding Schedule at One Year Old

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