A Birth Story: Third Baby, Fastest Labor

With just over two weeks left until Baby B’s first birthday, it’s about time I sat down and wrote his birth story, right? Nothing like third baby problems, haha. Anyway, let’s just keep this birth story short and simple. When ‘they’ say third baby, fastest labor, I am living, breathing proof that this is a very true statement. My dear husband took this photo of me as we were leaving our subdivision at 4:42 p.m. on May 31st of last year. B’s official time of birth is 5:00 p.m. In 18 minutes, I went from having the worst, most intense contractions to having my baby in my arms. Yep, no lie, when I say that I almost had my baby in the car. I am not joking around. Third baby, fastest labor was definitely a stereotype that rang true for my birth story with Baby B.

Third baby, fastest labor, pregnant woman in car

A Birth Story: Third Baby, Fastest Labor

For those of you who want to know the details, here is what I remember almost a year later. On the last day in May, was my 38 week check up with my OB around 1pm in the afternoon. I was around 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. But, alas, I was 3cm dilated and went overdue with my first son, so I never really know what these measurements truly mean for any mom. He did a quick membrane sweep, as I was VERY ready to have the baby. It was also effective for my second son’s labor and delivery. When I thought that my second labor was fast (1.5 hours from hospital check in to baby’s birth), I had NO idea what was in store for me with my third.

Everything with the rest of my check-up was good, so I went home to work the rest of the day. I had some minor cramping and spotting and some light contractions, but nothing I thought was a big deal. My husband came home around 3pm because he just KNEW that it was baby day and was very anxious to get to the hospital.

But, I just kept working and it wasn’t until an hour later, at the suggestion of my boss, that I wrapped up my last project and decided to lay down and rest for a bit. I vaguely remember getting the boys something to eat and then sitting down on the couch for a short while. At 4:25 p.m., an all too familiar gush came through as my waters broke. Somehow it was all contained and I made it to the bathroom to get myself together. (Total mom win that our couch wasn’t damaged, lol!)

Even then, I thought I had more time at home to labor. My waters broke with my second son, but I didn’t have painful contractions until five hours later, so I figured I had some time. Meanwhile, my husband kept insisting that my mom take the boys to their house and that we should head to the hospital. I pushed back for a bit, as I was managing to talk and walk through my contractions. But ten minutes later, it hit me. The worst wave of contractions in under a minute. “Maybe, you’re right babe, let’s go to the hospital.”

We sent the boys with my mom and grabbed my hospital bag and high tailed it to our hospital. Thankfully, it’s only three miles. Unfortunately, it was in the thick of traffic time. I remember silently getting through some of the contractions in the car. Because I was totally not going to admit that my husband was right. Oh s#!7, I am going to have this baby in the car. Ugh, why didn’t I listen to D? 

Somehow, my husband got us to the hospital in record time, despite the red lights and congestion of cars. He also set an Olympic record in dropping me off at the entrance, parking (in the first spot!) and racing back to me with a wheelchair. We hightailed it to the familiar set of elevators, closed the doors on someone trying to get on (because, DUH, I’m about to have a baby!) and made it to the maternity ward.

We (obviously) didn’t bother going through check-in, but I recall a nurse asking, “which number baby is this?” As I screamed through a contraction, “threeeeee! it’s my third baby!

Everything from that point on is a blur. There was a team of nurses that flew with D and I to our room. I somehow managed to get on the bed, but there was no time to change into a hospital gown. I had one more painful contraction and it was time to push! “He’s coming out!!!!” I screamed with my eyes closed. I pushed one time and he was (mostly) out, but the nurse in charge had me hold it because his umbilical cord was slightly wrapped around. (Let me tell you, the sensation of pausing in the midst of pushing out a baby is the most unnatural, hardest three seconds of my life.)

Once the nurse got it unwrapped, I finished pushing and he was born. All 8 lbs of healthy baby boy B. And as I breathed in his fresh newborn scent, I fell in love all over again for the third time.

We spent a few hours, just the three of us. Taking in the whirlwind that is my third baby, fastest labor story. Whenever people ask me about B’s birth story, This is the photo I show them as I laughingly tell that he was almost born in D’s SUV that he’s had since college days.

Even though it was my third labor and delivery, each baby writes their own story. There are so many unknowns to childbirth even to a mom of three like me. My first son took over 26 hours to make his debut. My second son arrived 8 hours after my waters broke. Each of their birth stories are unique in their own way and I’m so happy to have experienced it all. For those of you in waiting to meet your newest bundle of joy, I send well wishes of a smooth and safe birth story, no matter the way your babies decide to enter the world.

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A Birth Story: Third Baby, Fastest Labor

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