Step Forward into Kindergarten: Mommy & Me Sandals

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I registered our oldest son for kindergarten! I still haven’t figured out if this is a major milestone for him or for us. I’m not kidding when I say that both of us were tearing up as the assembly of elementary students sang the welcome song at registration night. Time truly is an unbelievable concept, especially as a parent. It’s so amazing and incredible how quickly the last five years have flown by.

If there’s a consistent theme to the plethora of parenting moments, it is that most of them are often bittersweet. A dichotomy of emotions have swept me up on more than one occasion; pushing and pulling at my heart strings with feelings of happiness and excitement to sadness over a closed chapter as my kids grow up.

This one is already no different than the emotional moments I’ve experienced in the past. I’m equally excited and sad to see my sweet boy enter the big world of kindergarten and for him to develop a love for learning as I did when I was his age.

As the days get closer to the first day of school, we’re making it one of our top goals to make it the best summer ever! We’re both so excited that the weather is finally starting to warm up around here. Thanks to Famous Footwear, we’ve got our first pair of matching sandals for the season.

Both of our sandals are super comfortable to wear during the warmer months. We spend a lot of time outdoors and I love how versatile the sandals are from dressier looks down to casual wear for our activity filled summer days. You can shop the sandals at the Famous Footwear Sandal Shop!

As cheesy as it sounds, I want him to remember the days of being my sidekick. Our every day adventures in our backyard, arts and craft projects, to our shopping runs around town. I hope that all of those moments are the things that fill his heart with joy and his mind with the confidence to step forward into his own world of growing up to a be a big kid.

This summer is going to be a magical one with enjoying some of our favorite activities. From our frequent visits to our local splash pad to family road trips to A’s favorite water park, I hope that he treasures these special memories long after his transition to kindergarten.

We’re all set to step forward into kindergarten in our mommy & me sandals for our summer adventures! Be sure to shop the cute and comfortable shoes for you and your little ones!

Step Forward into Kindergarten: Mommy & Me Sandals

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  1. Michele Pineda wrote:

    aww they grow up so fast! Those sandals are super cute too, I will have to look for a pair for this summer!

    Posted 4.13.18

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