Simple Tips for Purchasing Car Insurance

With the purchase of my mom-mobile last summer, my husband and I reassessed our car insurance for the first time in years. We’ve been on the same policy since we got married 8 years ago. Since then, we haven’t spent the time to do any research, except for one time when a third-party vendor reached out to us. Needless to say the information they provided wasn’t very helpful and we didn’t make any necessary changes. We just didn’t know any better and didn’t bother to prioritize it on our never-ending to do list.

True or False: The color of your car impacts your insurance rate.

True or False: Parking tickets affect your rates.

Simple Tips for Purchasing Car Insurance

If you answered true, you’re wrong, but hey, I was wrong, too! I always thought those factors played into my increas(ing) insurance rates. But, it’s one of those bills that we just pay without thinking because it’s a necessity in our life. We live in the suburbs and driving is a way of life. I never thought to question anything about my rates aside from trying to avoid getting tickets or getting into car crashes. With the help of The Zebra, the nation’s leading insurance search engine, we have a whole new insight into the world of car insurance.

What I learned from The Zebra is that there are a lot of different factors that play into how insurance companies come up with their rates. The Zebra offers a plethora of information in a simplified format. Here are some simple tips for purchasing car insurance:

Find Out Your Insurability Score™ 

Do you ever wonder how insurance companies come up with your rates? After answering a few questions, The Zebra’s Insurability Score™ tool provides a personalized scorecard that tells you how insurable you are to companies. The tool is free and the first of its kind that tells drivers what factors are affecting their individual insurance risk. It’s a simple process that provides clarity into your insurance rates. The Zebra also provides more information and knowledge about how to improve your score and how to save money on car insurance derived from over 3,000 resources. Click here to check your Insurability Score!

Check & Compare

Out of pure laziness, we never switched insurance companies over the last ten years. One time, my husband checked into quotes from a local vendor. But, we just figured that most insurance companies charge the same rate. The Zebra’s rate analyzer provides access to over 200 leading insurance companies and compares the quotes for you based on your selected coverage.

Adjust Coverage

Depending on the status of your vehicle(s), you might not need the same amount of coverage on all of them. My husband’s car is over 15 years old and the value of the car is far less than what it would cost us to have full collision coverage. Whereas, my car is less than four years old and has a value that is worth insuring with full coverage collision insurance. I just always assumed you should have full coverage on all cars.

Learn about Different Discounts

The three main discount groups in car insurance are based on the driver, the vehicle, and the policy. Drivers can qualify for multiple discounts under each umbrella. There are so many different types of discounts out there. But, if you don’t ask about it, you’ll miss out! The Zebra reviews all of the different discounts available and provides you a macro view of what can affect your rate and provide huge cost savings in your premiums.

Simple Tips for Purchasing Car Insurance

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