Easy Dinner Meals for the Work Week

Is it just me or do you often ask your spouse or kids, “what do you want for dinner?” Maybe it’s just me, but trying to figure out dinner, especially during the work week, is so annoying. If I was better at meal planning, it might not be an issue. But, I just don’t do well with sticking to a meal plan. So usually, I (or my husband) cook on the fly with whatever we have in stock. It’s usually hit or miss on what we end up having for dinner during the work week.

To break up the monotony of our on the fly dinners, I use these Prep+Pared kits that are easy dinner meals for the work week. Prep+Pared kits are fresh, chef-designed meals that you can prepare at home in less than twenty minutes. Each kit comes with all fresh ingredients and a simple recipe card.

My favorite part is that everything is measured and it’s quick to cook a meal. Time saving hacks are a must have in this household, especially during the work week. My husband enjoys cooking dinners with the Prep+Pared kits because of the freshness and the quickness from box to plate!

This week, we tried the Carne Asada Steak and Fettucine with Tomato Cream Sauce for two different meals. My husband’s favorite was the Carne Asada and the kids and I enjoyed the Fettucine. Both meals were less than twenty minutes to cook and required minimal to no cutting and preparing time. What is not to love about a hot, fresh meal in under twenty minutes?

If you live near a QFC store, make sure to pick up these new healthy kits that make home cooked meals simple! The meals are easy to cook and so delicious! QFC Prep+Pared kits are available in 20 QFC locations and can be ordered through Clicklist (curbside pickup) at 9 locations. They also offer local delivery in most zip codes near stores.

Easy Dinner Meals for the Work Week

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Easy Dinner Meals for the Work Week

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  1. Roz wrote:

    Such a great time-saving idea. I just wish they had more/better plant-based/vegan diet options. For now, I’ve been prepping my own meals at the beginning of the week which has helped tremendously.

    Posted 4.22.18

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