Simple & Easy Kitchen & Pantry Organization Ideas

If there’s anything that my self-proclaimed OCD, A-Type personality loves more than sleep, it’s getting my kitchen and pantry organized. But, these days of raising little ones, this is what my kitchen looks like most days of the week.


Most days, I feel accomplished if I go to bed without dirty dishes in the sink. This winter, the clutter build-up in my kitchen and pantry hit an all time high. When I heard about The Container Store’s annual Kitchen Sale, I knew it was the chance for me to get back to a fresh state of organization. Their sale is happening right now until April 1st with hundreds of kitchen products 25% off to help accomplish all of your kitchen organization needs. The Container Store carries so many different brands and products, it literally is one of my favorite stores EVER. D and I’ve had a date night out or two at The Container Store and I’m sure we’ll be heading back over there again soon!

Here are a few simple & easy kitchen & pantry organization ideas that helped to bring cleanliness and order to our home. And peace and joy to my organization loving heart!

Kitchen Counter Tops

I’m all about downsizing the clutter on our counter tops. I put away small appliances that we don’t regularly use and stored some other unused pots and pans away. After a good decluttering session, I used a couple of products from The Container Store for things like fruit, baby food and other kitchen items I use daily.

Products Used:


Kitchen Drawers & Under the Sink Organization


Let’s not even get started about the drawers. From our silverware drawer to our junk drawer, we just toss in whatever’s clean and pray that we find it when we need it. This was an easy fix of throwing out broken and unused old items. And then reorganizing the kitchenware into the simple modular bins that fit different sized drawers.


Products Used:

Under the sink wasn’t too bad, I got rid of old things that have never been used and organized different items with the bins in the the TCS starter kit to organize the bare necessities of kitchen cleaners, paper towels, soaps and trash bags.


Pantry Organization

I think this might be my new favorite ‘room’ in the house. A couple of years ago, we re-purposed an unused coat closet into our over-sized pantry. But, this is what it’s looked like before our TCS organization. While it was functional, it just became another place for us to throw stuff in without any order. The kids would climb all over, looking for things out of reach and then leave more clutter behind.


Products Used

With the Pantry Starter Kits from TCS, it was easy to run through our bulk pantry supplies and organize them into the different containers. My husband loves the OXO containers that are air tight and keep all of our food fresh and crisp. The mesh bins are the perfect pieces to store the baby snacks and pouches. Seriously, everything about this whole set up makes my OCD heart so, so happy!

The kids LOVE that they have their own shelf that’s easily accessible.

Fridge/Freezer Organization

We have a small side by side fridge that is bursting at the seams with food for our family of five. It’s an old fridge that is now missing shelves and other essential pieces which makes it especially difficult to have any sort of order or organization. Thankfully, the modular pieces of the Fridge/Freezer starter kit from The Container Store made it pretty easy for me to sort through our food and store it in a practical way for every day use.

Products Used:

  • InterDesign Linus Fridge Starter Kit

Clean kitchen and pantry equals HAPPY MAMA & WIFE. While our house is never short on chaos, I love the new organization ideas that brings a little bit of order into my life. It truly makes it so much easier to stay on top of the daily tasks of cleaning and organizing our happy home.

Be sure to check out the Annual Kitchen Sale at The Container Store. Their starter kits make it easy to organize your kitchen and they have a plethora of other products to make mom life a bit easier! Let me know what you buy and share some of your simple & easy kitchen & pantry organization ideas in the comments below!

Simple & Easy Kitchen & Pantry Organization Ideas

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  1. CourtneyLynne wrote:

    So many great tips!!!! I’m pretty organized to
    Begin with, but things can always be a tad bit more organized. I need to tackle my kitchen

    Published 3.16.18
  2. that is one organized kitchen! We are getting to this point with our new house!

    Published 3.16.18
  3. Ruth wrote:

    This was a great post with awesome tips! The pictures were super inspiring! Going to get started on my kitchen ASAP!

    Published 3.16.18
  4. Rose wrote:

    Your improvements are great. You can definitely see the change from the before and after shots. I have a few areas in my kitchen that new organizing. I would like to pick up a few clear containers, and if I had a clean and clear countertops I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

    Published 3.17.18
  5. Jordan wrote:

    Ahhhh, your kitchen makes my heart happy. And I would kill to have all that pantry organization!

    Published 3.18.18

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