How To Encourage Bonding Between Kids and Pets with Pup-Peroni®

Before we had our boys, D and I were obsessed with our fur-babies, Bailey and Buddy. They’ve been with us since our dating years and a decade later, our family wouldn’t be complete without them. Bailey and Buddy follow the boys around all day long, especially at meal time! And they’ve been the boys’ number one protectors since each of them first came home from the hospital. They are truly the best fur-siblings to our three boys.

how to encourage bonding with kids and pets how to encourage bonding with kids and pets
how to encourage bonding with kids and pets

The last few years have been a big adjustment for our family, but the love that grows in our home is something I don’t take for granted. It’s been such a gift to be able to instill our love for animals in our kids. And it truly warms my heart to see their bonds grow over the years. Here are a few ways on how to encourage bonding with kids and pets.

how to encourage bonding with kids and pets

1.) Taking Care of the Dogs

From their breakfast and dinner to their snacks, the older boys love being the ones in charge of taking care of our pups. The feeling of responsibility can be started in a positive way at a young age. I don’t want my kids to view our pets as chores, but important members of our family that we should love and care for, as we do one another. These days, the two older boys are usually fighting over who gets to let the dogs outside and who gets to feed them their meals or treats.

How to Encourage Bonding with Pets and Kids

How to Encourage Bonding with Pets and Kids

Bailey and Buddy both love the new Pup-Peroni® Original Beef Flavor Minis Dog Treats! And the boys love spoiling their pups with the meaty, mouthwatering, delicious treats. The Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor Minis Dogs Treats are just the right size for our beagle terrier and yorkie. In addition, I love that they’re made with real beef as the #1 ingredient.

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how to encourage bonding with kids and pets

2.) Outdoor Time

Since we are Michiganders, our time spent outdoors is limited due to our extreme temps in both the winter and summer. Despite the weather, the boys know that our pups need time outdoors for exercise and to “go potty.” Even in the cold of winter, the boys love to get bundled up to take Bailey and Buddy outside for some fresh air and exercise in our backyard. Our neighborhood walks with the whole crew are a sight for sore eyes, too, but we all love getting outdoor time together.

3.) Cuddle Sessions

We don’t have strict rules about our dogs being on furniture. We didn’t have those rules before kids and it felt wrong to add a restriction after having kids. So we just never did! Some of their favorite spots around the house are on the couch next to the boys. And in the kids’ rooms on their special pillows/beds.

The boys love cuddling together while watching a tv show or during bedtime stories. Bailey and Buddy are a regular part of the boys’ daily routines and their absence is well noted if they happen to be in another room.

how to encourage bonding with kids and pets

Growing to be a family of five (humans) AND two dogs is not for the faint of heart.

Our house is loud, chaotic and messy. But, luckily for us, it’s been a smooth transition with each new addition. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! Needless to say, the boys love their furry siblings and love spoiling them every day. Moreover, I can already hear the boys fighting over who gets to give Bailey and Buddy the Pup-Peroni snacks today.

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How to Encourage Bonding with Kids and Pets with Pup-Peroni®

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How to Encourage Bonding with Kids and Pets

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