From Brothers to Best Friends

“Sometimes being a brother, is even better than being a super hero.”

From Brothers to Best Friends - Carter's Pajamas

If there is one wish I have as a mother of brothers, it is that the relationships they have with one another grow and flourish as they mature into young men. Nothing fills my heart more than seeing their brotherly love and bond grow stronger, even at a young age.

Most days, they fight like cats and dogs, but I’ve learned through time and in my own experience, that that’s just another testament to their budding friendship. Growing up with a younger brother myself, I know first hand that there is no one else who can get under your skin, quite like your sibling. But, on the flip side, there’s no one who understands all of your silly little quirks and loves you as fiercely as a brother either. From brothers to best friends, I’m so excited to see the newest musketeer join in on the laughter and adventures!

carter's pajamas

Carter's Pajamas

Carter’s Pajamas

A brother is a friend that is With You From the Start. Carter’s is my favorite brand that is tied to so many of these sweet brotherly moments. I love that Carter’s has been with us from the beginning and continues to be one of our favorites as the boys’ friendships grow over time.

I’m not sure how many years I have left to enjoy matching outfits. So, I’m making the most of it while I can! From Carter’s pajamas to every day play wear, I love the selection of clothing options. I have keepsake outfits and clothing pieces that I will cherish far beyond these years of milestones. It’s been so fun to see each of the boys wear the same pieces and their matching outfits are always a favorite!

carter's pajamas

I feel incredibly blessed and humbled at the responsibility I have of raising kind-hearted, gentle souls who love each other; who learn to share that love with the greater world, far beyond our happy, chaotic home.

I’ve always believed that a sibling is a built-in best friend. But, it means so much more to see my boys grow from brothers to best friends over time. From the moment C and then Baby B came home from the hospital, the love that has grown in our home is immeasurably sweet (and sometimes sour), too!

From brothers to best friends, here are a few ways we try to encourage sibling bonding:

Caring for One Another

When the baby is crying or feeling under the weather, his big brothers are always the first to check on him! I love the empathy they feel for each other and try to show them by example on how best to care for their brothers. From grabbing diapers and wipes and helping each other get dressed in the morning, my two older boys are constantly trying to help! Even though they’re still young, the little things they do to take care of one another is a great way for them to bond.

carter's pajamas carter's pajamas

Supporting Each Other

I love encouraging the boys to cheer each other on. From activities outside of our home to little victories in our daily play time, the boys are each other’s greatest cheerleaders. Words of encouragement and support are so fulfilling between the boys.

Displaying Affection

We are a hugely affectionate home. Hugs, kisses and “I Love You”s are an hourly occurrence in our home. The boys are definitely products of my husband and my interaction. And we love it!

Encouraging Individuality

You would think that having three sons from the same parents would equate to pretty similarly personalities! While the boys definitely have similarities, they are also very unique in their personalities. They have different interests and passions. The way they think and process things are different. And the way they interact with one another is different, too. We try as best as we can to celebrate their differences and to encourage their individuality. We sign them up for different activities and encourage different types of play at home according to what they love to do or excel at.

Making Solo Time

One on one time is hard to come by, but something I try to do at least once a week with each of them. In my opinion, the individual attention from a parent helps them to appreciate the time they have together as well. I love that I get to learn more about each of them and grow my relationship with them individually.

Talking Things Out

Conflicts, arguments and fighting are almost a daily occurrence around here. The number one thing that we try to encourage is using our words to talk things out. And also to explain our (bad) behavior and apologies to each other.

carter's pajamas

(Not) Interrupting Play Time

My husband is much better at this than I am, but when the boys are playing well together, I try to stay out of the way. Our plans go out the window and I try to just let them enjoy the time together without interrupting the sweet play time when they’re getting along and not bickering!

Carter's Pajamas

Carter's Pajamas

As Baby B grows older and bigger, we’ll continue to use these ways to encourage the friendship between our boys. I can’t wait to see the new memories to be made in this house full of loud, crazy, and happy little boys!

From Brothers to Best Friends

Carter's Pajamas

Carter's Pajamas

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