Easy & Fun Fruit Roll Bunny Craft with Welch’s®

Is it really spring? The winter months are so long here that we’re always counting down the days to consistent warm weather. Snow in April? Yeah that doesn’t sound bizarre to good ole’ Michiganders. We’re all used to experiencing all four seasons of weather through the spring months.

This year, we’re not going on our family vacation until the end of April, so spring break with all three kids at home is all sorts of chaos and crazy! I don’t know about you, but school vacation means the opposite for me.

I’m always scrambling for ideas to keep my (almost) kindergartner busy or occupied with some sort of activity. While I’m all for letting my kids get bored and figure out ways to keep themselves entertained, sometimes it’s good to sit down and enjoy some quality time together too.

He’s always excited about doing fun crafts, enjoying a yummy snack and spending one on one time with each of us. I love doing arts and crafts too, so that’s usually our activity together. Thankfully, both of his little brothers still take naps, so we make the most of our afternoon quiet times.

A couple of days ago, we made these easy & fun fruit roll bunny crafts with our favorite Welch’s Fruit Rolls. It’s a simple construction paper craft that is so easy to make with kids. We just wrapped our Welch’s Fruit Rolls in colored construction paper and decorated them with spring-themed stickers!

It was so great to pause the chaos and crazy of spring break to enjoy one on one time with my oldest. He loved the bubbles, spring-themed stickers and activity books to go along with his colorful, springy bunny crafts. I think his favorite part was that this activity was an edible craft, he got to eat his favorite Welch’s Fruit Rolls!

Welch’s Fruit Rolls are a great snack to enjoy, especially during school vacation. They contain 100% daily value of Vitamin C and 25% daily value of Vitamins A & E. Fruit is the first ingredient, so naturally it’s a go-to fun snack to have during spring break. A loves unrolling the great taste of Welch’s Fruit Rolls. It’s such a fun way to enjoy a fruit snack. I might have had one or two rolls too, they’re just so tasty!

Welch’s Fruit Rolls are also gluten-free and contain ZERO preservatives. It makes these easy & fun fruit roll crafts the perfect addition to birthday favor bags to pass out to classmates at school. The craft is simple and versatile. A loves making them into different animals and characters. You can switch up the wrapper with different colored construction paper and use seasonal or character stickers to fit each birthday theme!

Here’s what we used for the spring break themed bunny crafts:

  • Construction Paper
  • Spring-themed Stickers
  • Colored Craft Puff Balls
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Welch’s Fruit Rolls
  • Bubbles

I love easy and fun crafts that you can switch up, simply by using different types of stickers, felt, puff balls and other basic craft items. It really doesn’t take much to change up the look of the fruit rolls wrapper. The best part is that they’re easy to put together for both Pinterest Fail Moms (me) and kindergarteners alike.

If you haven’t already, be sure to try Welch’s Fruit Rolls and use them in a fun way like this super easy craft. I promise, your kids (and you…) will love the taste of yummy delicious fruit snacks!

Easy & Fun Fruit Roll Bunny Craft

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Easy & Fun Fruit Roll Bunny Craft

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    What a cute idea. We will have to try it! Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 4.2.18

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