Age Appropriate Spring Cleaning Chores for Kids

In a house full of little boys and two dogs, spring cleaning is no easy feat. We try to do a deep cleaning once a month. But if we can’t find the time, we implement our usual chores to keep the mess and dirt from building up (too) much in our home. In our experience, doing little chores here and there is a better maintenance plan for spring cleaning. While the house isn’t perfect all of the time, I’m happy to report that it is in a decent, presentable state most days of the week.

When A was a preschooler, we tried giving allowance for chores, but decided against it. He didn’t have any concept of money at that age. And I quickly realized that I want the boys to know that they each have responsibilities in our home that don’t get rewarded with a prize or allowance. I don’t push doing chores all the time, but I do want them to understand that helping out around the house is not something ‘extra’ to do, but a regular part of life.

All of our daily household activities and our spring cleaning chores include the use of my go to product, Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels. They are essential to keeping our house clean and tidy! Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels are the perfect size for my boys to use with their chores. I love how the Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels are durable, absorbent and make for easy clean-up. All of the things I need in order to keep this house full of boys and pets, mess and dirt-free in the Spring and year round. Quicker picker upper is definitely tried and tested regularly in our home!

A and C are both at an age where they have designated responsibilities and are (usually) eager to help us out. I swear some of the chores are on both of their lists because they always fight over who gets to do it! We don’t know how long that enthusiasm will last, so we’re making the most of it now. Here’s a list of age appropriate spring cleaning chores for kids, that we use in our home:

Five Years Old (Kindergartner)

  • Makes his bed – A recent addition to our regular routine, it’s pretty simple for both of them.
  • Puts away laundry – A loves helping put away his clothes in the closet and dresser. I think he may have gotten a bit of my organization OCD (I’m not complaining, LOL).
  • Wipes down the table – This is a chore that is heavily fought over on a daily basis. A definitely does a great job with using our cleaner spray and Bounty paper towels to clean up our glass table. (I know, glass table with kids? What were we thinking?!)
  • Sets the table – He’s been doing this regularly for the last year. He’ll set out plates and silverware and get water or milk for everyone.
  • Feeds the Dogs – Another chore that they used to fight over, these days C usually does it. But, A is better at getting the food amount right. We currently use Bounty paper towels as a place mat to keep the dogs’ food area clean.
  • Cleans up his messes– Unfortunately, spills happen quite frequently with two independent boys in our home. Thankfully, A is pretty good at wiping up his own messes. With Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels, I’m rest assured that his clean up job is done! It truly is the quicker picker upper that helps keep our floors clean!

Two Years Old (Preschooler)

  • Makes his bed – Believe it or not, our two year old is really good at this chore. He loves opening up his blanket, putting his stuffed animals in one corner and covering his toddler bed. He actually does this pretty regularly, better than his older brother!
  • Waters houseplants – C is our little green thumb gardener. He loves watering all of our indoor house plants. I make sure he has a Bounty paper towel to wipe up any accidental splatters or spills.
  • Wipes down the table  – Like I mentioned earlier, this is a chore that is fought over by the two boys. C isn’t quite old enough to do a good job wiping everything down. But, I let him do it to get practice (And also because I don’t want the tantrum to ensue…).
  • Feeds the Dogs – C loves letting the dogs out for their bathroom breaks and feeding them in the AM and PM. We keep a small measuring cup in the dog food canister, so that he gives them the right amount of food.

While they are young, A and C both love helping out with my cleaning chores. It hasn’t transferred to cleaning up their own toys, but I’ll take any help I can get! Maybe one day I can get them to eagerly help when it comes to toy pick up time, too!

What are some chores that your kids do regularly around the house? Be sure to buy Bounty Select-A-Size paper towels for a Spring Clean Home!

Age Appropriate Spring Cleaning Chores for Kids

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Age Appropriate Spring Cleaning Chores for Kids

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  1. Susannah wrote:

    It’s so important to get kiddos involved in chores! My three year old LOVES helping (with most things) and I love to include him!

    Posted 3.21.18

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