Top 5 Nursery Must Haves for All Your Kids

When it comes to all things baby gear, I lean more towards being a minimalist mama. We have three little boys, so the possibility of things accumulating over time is inevitable. But, even when I feel like the kids need ALLTHETHINGS, I think it’s more for my preparedness than an actual need for them. I wrote this post a while back that has a good list of baby items that I’ve used with all three kids. Today, I wanted to share with you the top 5 nursery must haves for all your kids. These are things in the baby’s nursery that I used with all three of my babes.


If I had to pick one baby item, hands down it would be Marpac Dohm Sound Machine. You’ve heard me mention it several times in my different baby gear posts. It’s because we love it so, so much in our home. When our oldest was a baby, we used the Sleep Sheep that someone gifted us from our registry. I bought the Marpac Dohm when he moved into the nursery to sleep in his own crib. I bought all three of our Marpac Dohm’s at our local buybuy BABY and it’s been a nursery must have for all three boys.


With our months-long winter season, a humidifier in the kids’ rooms is a necessity for those of us here in Michigan. We’ve tried a few different brands over the last five years. Our top two favorites that we currently use in the nursery, as well as the boys’ rooms is the Crane Cool Mist Humidifer and the Vick’s Cool Mist Humidifier. Out of the different ones we’ve tried, these two are the easiest to clean. We typically just use hot water and a tooth brush. And we also use these humidifier cleaners to ease the whole process.


As a first time mom, a video monitor was the only thing that helped ease my worries about the baby when he was sleeping. When we transitioned to having two kids, they were each in their own room, so we bought an extra camera so that we could switch our viewing options on our monitor. Now that the older boys are sharing a room and the baby is in the nursery. We use a single camera video monitor so that we can keep our eyes on the littlest member of our family.

4.) CRIB

After the initial month or two, all of our boys took to crib sleeping really well. The first crib we bought took us through two babies and is now converted to a toddler bed for C. We use this DaVinci Baby Crib for baby B. It’s an essential piece of the baby’s room for us.


As a breastfeeding mom, the glider is like my second bed. I love the DaVinci glider we have in the current nursery. It’s so comfortable and wide enough for both of us. B loves the gliding motion, especially for our bedtime nursing session. With my older boys, we used gliders well into toddlerhood for bedtime stories and snuggling during the sick days. With B’s nursery, we opted not to get the ottoman because we also have a guest bed in the room. But, the glider reclines far back and is perfect without it.

The Go To Baby Registry

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Top 5 Nursery Must Haves for All Your Kids

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Top 5 Nursery Must Haves for All Your Kids

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