Simple Ways for Moms to Indulge at Home


If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I am all about self-care. However, time is a luxury that I don’t often get to spend on me, so I take all the help I can get in the efficiency department. These days, I’ll about enjoying indulgences at home. It helps me to avoid the frigid, cold temps and having to worry about finding childcare. And it’s a nice way for me to spoil myself a little bit without the mom guilt. It definitely makes me feel great overall and boosts my self esteem to know that I don’t have to look like a haggard, overtired mom every day.

The Best Facial Serum Concentrate

The last few weeks I’ve been using PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Plus Face Serum, in addition to my daily skincare routine. This powerhouse serum concentrate corrects individual skin concerns to deliver visible and personalized results, now and over time. The best part is that it targets the 9 most visible signs of aging: loss of radiance, uneven texture, uneven skin tone, discoloration, redness, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness. A product that saves me time and targets my most concerning skin issues? I’m sold!

I love facial products that are clean and scent-free, just like PerriconeMD Cold Plasma Plus. It’s a super light texture that absorbs quickly, which is also another feature I look for in my go-to skincare products.

At Home Manicure/Pedicure

An at home mani/pedi is a simple and quick indulgence for me to feel a bit more put together than usual. My husband bought me a kit LAST Mother’s Day and I finally started using it a couple of months ago. I’ve gotten into a good routine of doing at home mani/pedis a couple of times a month and it’s a treat I can’t go without now. Plus, I’m saving money on not paying for gel manicures at the salon.

Relaxing Yoga/Massage

While this might not be an indulgence for everyone, I’ve been making sure to squeeze in a yoga session or two throughout the week. There’s a lot of free Yoga videos to follow along on Youtube and sometimes I just go through different posts that I know will hit the spots that are bothering me. I also have a massage chair in my office that I’m finally using on a regular basis. It truly is an simple treat to make my body feel calm and relaxed.

Simple Ways for Moms to Indulge at Home

Netflix and Chill

And lastly, what’s a list of simple indulgences without a TV show binge session and my favorite snacks? I swear that my mental sanity depends on this simple indulgence. Give me a cheat day, some of my favorite treats (or a drink!) and a good TV series or movie to watch. It’s like I wake up a brand new person when I’ve had a chance to turn my brain off. And yes, I totally just CHILL.

What are some simple indulgences you like to enjoy?

Be sure to check out PerriconeMD’s best-selling cult classic, Cold Plasma Plus! Let me know what you think of it. 

Simple Ways for Moms to Indulge At Home




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