Morning Routine of a Dad of Three

It goes without saying that raising three little boys is a lot of (happy) chaos. While working at home is a blessing, sometimes it blurs the lines of my roles, especially during the work week. Thankfully, my husband more than helps to ease my hectic morning routine. Every weekday (and usually on the weekends, too), my husband takes care of the boys, so that my mornings run a little smoother. While I’ve read plenty of “mom routine” posts and articles, it’s rare to see or hear about the morning hustle and bustle for a dad. So while our situation isn’t typical, here’s what a morning routine of a dad of three looks like in our home.

Morning Routine of a Dad of Three

The baby wakes up first and my husband brings him into our bed, so that I can nurse him for his first feed. He goes into the guest bed in the nursery to try to fall back asleep. But most mornings, it usually doesn’t happen! He’ll start his morning routine to get ready for work, just in time for our two older boys to excitedly run into greet him in the bathroom. He showers and gets changed for work, while the boys play with toys or read books before getting changed themselves for their (school) day.

Once the boys are dressed, my husband takes the baby and all the boys in the house head down to have breakfast together. (While I try to catch a few more ZZZs). The boys love breakfast time with their dad. It’s usually just for a short time, but I love listening to their conversations and laughter as they get their days started.

My husband loves to eat the all natural Greek strained yogurt – FAGE Total Split Cup, fruit varieties because they’re quick and easy to eat on the go and is the perfect protein-rich breakfast before starting his busy day. These days both of us are trying to eat cleaner and get back into our healthier lifestyle. With FAGE Total 2% Split Cups, he can eat well without the expense of a little decadence. The Greek strained yogurt has more protein than sugars and his favorite flavor blueberry 2% is only 130 calories per serving.

Once the boys wrap up breakfast, my husband finishes getting ready and packs up A’s lunch and bag for school. He grabs his morning coffee and packs a lunch for himself. On more than one occasion, he packs a FAGE Total Split Cup for a lunchtime snack, too. I usually stock up on his favorite flavor, blueberry, because he eats at least one a day during the work week!

After he packs up the car, my husband takes our oldest to preschool, which has been a huge time saver for me in the mornings. He has a great work life balance and loves that his current office is close to home. And I LOVE the fact that I can rely on him to handle much of the morning chaos in our home. There are some days where we shuffle the responsibilities between the two of us or my mom who is our primary childcare. But, most of our mornings run smoothly thanks to all that my husband does as part of his routine.

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Morning Routine of a Dad of Three


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