Little, but Lasting Lifestyle Additions

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One month into the new year and I’m happy to report that I am doing well with my health goals for myself. I’m eating cleaner, adding in moderate exercise and overall getting more sleep than I was in the last few months. I’m not one for resolutions and if there’s anything I know about myself is that I don’t do well with major change.

So in light of making any unattainable goals for myself, I just try to be mindful about how I’m taking care of my body on the daily. Here a few of my little, but lasting lifestyle additions to better my overall health and mindset.

Drinking Water

This is obviously a no-brainer, but my water intake definitely plays a role in my overall daily health. I’ve never been good about drinking water, but these days I can literally feel my dehydration and thirst if I haven’t had a certain amount of water per day. I try to keep it simple by counting bottles of water or I use my go to water tumbler and keep track of how many refills I’ve had throughout the day. If I lose count, I just try to listen to my body because I can definitely notice the days when I haven’t had my usual fill.

Eating Breakfast

I love how simple and easy it is to make oatmeal for breakfast. I eat it almost daily and it’s my go-to snack throughout the day, too. I love the new Miller’s Batch™ Organic Multigrain Oatmeal Blend from Quaker Oats that is currently available at Kroger stores in Colorado and Michigan. My current favorite flavor is California Valley, made with hand-harvested raisins and sun-dried almonds from California’s Central Valley.

The flavor is just the right amount of sweet and I love the bite of crunch from the almonds and pistachios. It definitely makes my mornings easier and breakfast is completely enjoyable!

If you’re in Colorado or Michigan, make sure you check out the natural goods section at your local Kroger and grab a box of this beautifully packaged Miller’s Batch™ Organic Multigrain Oatmeal Blend from Quaker Oats. You won’t regret it, I swear it is so, so delicious!

Little, but Lasting Lifestyle Additions

Moderate Exercise

I’ve been trying out different studios because I do better in group class settings for workouts. My favorite right now is combo workout classes that offer cardio and weight training in an hour or so sessions. On my “light” days, I try to get outside with the kids. If it’s too cold, then I make sure to do some light workouts with the baby/boys and make it a family yoga session.

Better Sleep

I’m trying my best to get to sleep before midnight every night. I know this probably sounds late, especially for a mom of three little boys. But, I used to stay up past midnight too often. These days, I’m usually asleep by eleven and it’s done wonders for my daily health.

Little, but Lasting Lifestyle Additions

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