The Last First Year

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing about this little babe’s newborn days. I blinked and he’s a week away from turning nine months old! Time sure is a mama’s worst enemy these days of raising babies. They say that the days are long, but the years are short. I don’t know about you, but I imagine “they” as the veteran mamas who came before us who know the ups and downs of motherhood, just as we live it daily today. There truly isn’t a better phrase to describe this all too fast, yet seemingly long days.

With each of my little boys, Carter’s baby clothing is a staple for their wardrobes and a big part of so many of our first year memories. From every day basics to special occasion outfits, my husband and I each have our favorite outfits from Carter’s. In addition to my favorite keepsakes, I love shopping Carter’s newest and latest because the quality is great, the prices are amazing and the styles are just so adorable for my babes.

I love that Baby B has his own sets of pajamas, every day outfits and special occasion Carter’s items that I will fondly remember from my ‘last first year.’ While I believe you should ‘never say never,’ I’m 99.99% sure that he is indeed my last baby and that this is indeed my last ‘first year.’

I haven’t been very good at record keeping baby milestones, (because hello #thirdbabyprobs). But, I am happily treasuring these days in a way that I didn’t know how to appreciate as a first time mom. I don’t anxiously countdown to every milestone, but I wish for it to slow down, in hopes of keeping my babiest a baby for just a bit longer. I don’t worry about the little things because I’ve learned in time that most things work themselves out.

As I live the last first year of my littlest babe, I notice things every day that I let slip by all too quickly with his older brothers. From holding off on his first haircut and letting his little baby mullet grow freely. To remembering the way he tightly grips my necklace while nursing. I’m so much more conscious of the every day moments than I was as a first time (or even a second time) mom. This last first year is all about slowing down and savoring each milestone as they come and go. And to capture the every day memories somewhere deep in my mama brain. So that when these babies are all grown up, I’ll be able to look back on these baby days and remember that all of the moments are such a special time in our lives as mamas.

That the milestones aren’t just about when they first slept through the night or cut their first tooth. But, that even the simple moments in a baby’s first year are a collective milestone of our kids’ fastest year of change and growth.

At nearly 9 months old, Baby B is quickly becoming attached to his mama. And I’m not complaining one bit. I love our special one on one time and soaking in his adoring stares all day long. He sleeps and eats well and plays the rest of the day with his big brothers. He loves being around people and our two dogs. Baby B is truly the happiest baby and goes with the flow with nearly everything. I swear, the only time he cries or fusses is when he’s hungry or wants to go to bed.

He currently naps 2x a day and usually sleeps through the night from 8pm – 6/7am. We’re still going strong with nursing, but he also eats solids 3x a day as well. He cut his two bottom teeth at six months (I think? LOL), but I haven’t noticed his top teeth yet. He doesn’t crawl yet, but loves to stand and may just skip over to cruising altogether.

No one can make Baby B laugh like his big brothers or his dad. He loves music and probably gets a little (too much) screentime than either of his big brothers did during their first year. B is super sweet with our two pups Bailey & Buddy. And they love him for all of the extra puffs and treats throughout the day.

With my five years in motherhood, coupled with my ability to work from home, I’m so grateful to be able to take in all of the moments of Baby B’s first year. And to be able to see these moments with a clarity that only comes with realizing that this truly is my last first year.

The Last First Year – Tales of Motherhood from a Mom of Three

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The Last First Year - Tales of Motherhood from a Mom of Three

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