How We Keep Our Living/Family Room Clean

At the start of the year, my husband and I decided on a whim to change up the layout of our sectional sofa in our main family room. It opened up the entire room and I’m so glad that it’s held up to be one of the consistently, clean rooms in our house. Our family room is also where we have the most hardwood flooring. (The kids rooms’ also have hardwood.) And I love using our Bona Hardwood Floor Mop and the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaning solution as the perfect duo for all of our hardwood cleaning needs.

Here’s how we keep our living/family room clean (almost) daily:


When we rearranged the furniture, we also moved the boys’ small play area and ALL OF THE TOYS down to the basement play room. While I realize that my days may be numbered before the toys slowly start creeping up from their basement dwelling, I’m enjoying the clutter free space for as long as possible. During the winter months, the older boys spend a lot of time in the basement play area, so it’s worked out for us so far to be toy free in our family room.


Like I’ve mentioned before, I love our Bona suite of products! The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop combines the Bona hardwood Floor Cleaning solution and Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad in one easy device to provide the best clean. I love that I can also use it with our other Bona cleaning products, like the BonaPowerPlus.

It doesn’t take long for me to clean the floors because the Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad features a unique design with dual zone cleaning action. The dark blue outer fibers break up grime while the inner light blue fibers trap and absorb dirt with 2.5X more absorbency than our previous microfiber pad. It also has the largest base plate in the industry — 16.75″ mop head with rubberized corners, that makes the job easy and swift. Definitely something I look to keep my house chores simple.

How We Keep Our Living/Family Room Clean

The easy to hold handle and built in sprayer makes it easy on my carpal tunnel flare ups. Oh the joys of post partum life! I try to clean the floors once or twice a week. The boys usually fight over who gets to help clean the floors, which is always welcomed by me!


Culturally, I grew up in a no shoes indoors household. It’s something that my husband loves and we’ve incorporated into our home as well. With three little boys, I know that it does and will continue to help keep (most of) the mud and dirt and grime outdoors where it belongs. Recently, we got the boys a couple of pairs of slippers that they like to wear around the house. I need to get a pair for myself too!


Picking up after bedtime is no longer as big of a feat, since there usually isn’t much to pick up. I fold and put away any blankets in the oversize storage ottoman and do a quick clean with the BonaMop some nights too. I can’t stress enough how liberating it is to not have multiple places in our house that is cluttered with toys. I’m REALLY hoping this lasts and we can contain the toy chaos within the basement.

Be sure to check out the BonaFide Fanatics page on the website, to sign up to be a BonaFide Fanatic and receive free shipping plus $5 off of a mop!

Do you have a toy free zone in your house? What are some of your tips on how to keep our living/family room clean?

How We Keep Our Living/Family Room Clean

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    These are some fantastic tips! I love the no shoes rule!!! <3

    Published 2.12.18

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