Surprise Happy Mail for Mom Friends

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the last five years of motherhood, it’s that you can’t survive it alone. Seriously, my sanity would NOT be in tact if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement of my mom friends, both near and far. While I don’t get to see them often, the ongoing group texts and planning girls’ nights/trips is something that helps me survive the hard days and enjoy the good days of mom life. There is a special camaraderie among mom friends and it’s a pivotal part of what makes me be a better mom to my boys.

I’m a sap for holidays and Valentine’s Day is a great way to express my love and appreciation for my true, blue mom friends. I don’t know about you, but I love receiving happy mail. Maybe I’m dating myself, but there’s nothing like a special package in the mail that makes my day!

Last week, I stopped by my local Meijer store to peruse their card section and found a great selection of Valentine’s Day cards by American Greetings to send to my best mom friends. Along with a few of their favorite treats and chocolates, I made a few Surprise Happy Mail boxes for each of them. I love that each card sends a unique message catered to a funny inside joke or just how we do life in similar fashion.

We’re all so busy with mom life that I can hardly remember when I’ve expressed in words my appreciation for their friendship. I love putting simple gifts like this together because it gives me time to reflect on our relationship and truly appreciate each of my friends. Writing a short note or letter is easy to do because the American Greetings cards perfectly capture the sentiments and jokes between my friends and I. The best part of it all is their texts or FaceTime calls after receiving the package and seeing them happily surprised by such a small gesture. It fills my heart with so much joy to know that I’ve made their day a little bit brighter.

I’m your ride or die girl, a true Leo in the sense that my loyalty knows no bounds and I love fiercely. I receive so much joy and happiness out of seeing others happy. It doesn’t have to be big, bold gestures. I love to do little things that make a big impact. I think that thoughtfulness and consideration are the key to show those special people in our lives just how much they mean to us.

A few simple ideas for surprise happy mail for mom friends:

  • Box filled with their favorite chocolates and treats
  • Movie tickets for a mom’s night out
  • At-home pedicure kit
  • Gift certificate to nail salon or spa
  • Free night of babysitting for local mom friends
  • Gift card to their favorite coffee shop
  • A new book or magazine subscription

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to send surprise happy mail for mom friends. Any of the simple ideas above paired with the perfect American Greetings Valentine’s Day card from Meijer will be the perfect little surprise for your best mom friends. So, don’t forget to head to your local Meijer and browse their American Greetings Valentine’s Day cards (in the card section near the registers) to surprise them (and anyone else!) in your life.

Surprise Happy Mail for Mom Friends

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Surprise Happy Mail for Mom Friends


  1. Mayra wrote:

    Omg! I would LOVE one of these! Sooo pretty! It would def brighten up my day as well!

    Published 1.13.18

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