Baby B 7-8 Months Update + Carter’s Little Planet Apparel

For any of you curious mamas out there, monthly updates become obsolete for the third baby. Haha, no seriously, if you have 3+ kids and can keep up with these traditions, I salute you. While I attempted to remember the last day of the month, I lasted all of two months and that was the end of it. The days just blur together when I’m working and parenting my little squad of boys. After months 3 and 4 passed, I gave up any goals to keep up on the monthly photos and updates for Baby B.

Thankfully, I have this blog to capture and write down my memories of my littlest babe. While it may not be the traditional monthly photos, I love that I have a record of my thoughts and feelings of this crazy, happy time in my life. Babies just don’t keep, as evidenced by the fact that I blinked and somehow Baby B is nearly 8 months old.

I’m loving these adorable bodysuit and pant sets from Carter’s new organic clothing line, Little Planet. It just launched early last week, and I can’t recommend it enough. The quality can’t be beat and their prints for little ones are too adorable.

The best part is that Carter’s crafted this line with 100% certified-organic cotton, at an affordable price point for all our little babes. The line features pajamas, outfit sets and other pieces from sizes NB to 5T. Baby B is stocked up in his play clothes for wrestling his big brothers and daddy.



Baby B is a laid back and easygoing baby, as most third babies tend to be. Whether it’s by default or his natural personality, he has seamlessly adjusted as the littlest member of our family.

He cries hard when he’s hungry or tired, but spends most of his days drooling and laughing. His brothers, grandparents and even strangers at the store tell us that he is the happiest baby. And it sure does make my mama heart swell to hear that and see his smiles bringing so much joy to those in his life.


He turned 7 months old on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, he rang in the new year with a head cold. And ever since then, between the congestion and teething pains, he (we) haven’t been sleeping well at night time.

He is taking two naps a day regularly, unless we’re on the go. But, it takes a little bit longer than usual for him to go down at bedtime. And he’s up once or twice overnight. My husband and I have been taking turns on night duty, but most often, he just wants his Umma. I’m running on snuggles and caffeine these days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is a short phase.


He started off slower to eating solids than his big brothers, but he’s quickly caught up to where they were at by 7/8 months. He still nurses regularly (and sometimes overnight) and is eating two solids meals a day. Some days he has a third meal too.


He is now getting the hang of sitting up on his own. Baby B loves to play with his brothers. And his favorite toy is his activity center. He cut two teeth last month and seems to be teething (again? still? who really knows?). He “talks” a lot and of course laughter is his specialty. His hair is growing all over the place, but I’m holding off on cutting it for now.

Baby B is modeling the limited edition 3-Pack Certified Organic Bodysuits and 2-Pack Pants Sets.


I don’t know when it’ll actually hit me that I’m a mom to three little babes. Even though Baby B’s one year birthday is just around the corner, I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I have three tiny humans who love me unconditionally. Three beautiful sons that call me Umma. While it may be hard to capture records in an orderly way, I can only hope that my memory holds onto these sweet moments longer after these boys are grown up.

Be sure to check out Little Planet and their selection of pajamas, outfit sets and more while supplies last. If you’re an avid shopper and fan of Carter’s, you’ll absolutely love the Little Planet pieces at an amazing price for quality apparel for your little babes.

Baby B 7-8 Months Update + Carter’s Little Planet Apparel

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  1. Trista wrote:

    YES! Keep that crazy newborn hair as long as possible. He is THE cutest.

    Posted 1.18.18
  2. Laura wrote:

    What a cutie! And I hear you, my third baby is 9 months 3 weeks, and I still haven’t taken her 9 month picture – oops! 🙂

    Posted 1.18.18

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