DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Are you listening to holiday music yet? I love listening to our local radio station that plays Christmas songs all day long. It definitely gets me into the holiday spirit. It hasn’t hit me yet that this year is almost over, but I like to make December last as long as possible. There really is just something so magical about this time of year. But, it’s also crazy busy. There’s always something to do and someone to see. The boys and I always seem to be on the go. It’s like our holiday to-do list has grown infinitely since we became parents!

While I love the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I also love a good ‘me-time’ session to refresh and re-energize for all of the many holiday events and activities! One of the easiest ways for me to indulge at home is to give myself a pedicure. Unlike the summer time, I don’t need to get them done at the nail salon as frequently. Plus, our winter nights are dark and cold, so I tend to enjoy staying in after the kids are down for the night. It’s the perfect answer to treating myself and unwinding from the holiday activities.

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub

For my at-home pedicures, I love using the Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File that buffs away the hard skin on my heels. My feet are so much smoother and softer after I use it. The extra coarse roller head with the long lasting micro-abrasive particles are made of finely ground diamond crystals that get the work done. My favorite part is that the Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File is battery powered and easy to use with the click of a button. You just roll it back and forth and it slowly buffs away the damaged skin. It makes giving myself pedicures feel like the whole salon experience.


After using the Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File, I like to exfoliate my feet and legs with this DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub. The scent is perfect around the holidays and it makes a great pairing to the Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File for an easy, yet thoughtful gift idea.

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub

  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • 1/4 Cup of Olive Oil
  • 5 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 2 Drop Green Food Coloring
  • 1 Drop Blue Food Coloring

Directions: Pour the sugar into a mason jar or small bowl, pour in the olive oil and mix together. Add in the peppermint oil and mix well. Add in food coloring and mix well.

For easy and simple holiday gifts, I like making a bigger batch of my DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub and storing them in empty baby food jars. Now that B is starting to eat solids, we are stocked up with reusable glass jars! My mom, aunts and friends love the scrub, so I’m going to wrap up a few jars with the Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File from CVS for each of them. I’m sure they’re all going to love an excuse to indulge themselves a bit at home, just like I do with my at home pedicures.

Don’t forget to head to your local CVS and pick up an Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File to try for yourself. It might be a bit hard to see at first, but you can find the Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File in the foot care aisle and use this coupon for $10 off your purchase through 12/25.

Happy Scrubbing & Happy Holidays!

DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub

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