Travel With Kids: Local Day Trips – Belle Isle, Michigan

Last weekend, I packed up my crew of boys for another local day trip. We enjoyed a beautifully warm fall day exploring Belle Isle with our family who are visiting from Korea for a few weeks. I can’t believe it myself, but even though I’ve lived here nearly all my life, it was my first trip to see the sights of Belle Isle. I’m so happy that I was able to experience it with the boys.


belle isle detroit mi

From Wikipedia – “Belle Isle, officially Belle Isle Park, is a 982-acre (1.534 sq mi; 397 ha) island park in the Detroit River, between the United States mainland and Canada. Owned by the City of Detroit, it is managed as a state park by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources through a 30-year lease initiated in 2013. Belle Isle is the largest city-owned island park in the United States and is the third largest island in the Detroit River after Grosse Ile and Fighting Island. It is connected to mainland Detroit by the MacArthur Bridge.”

Belle Isle is a hidden gem that is only a thirty-minute drive away from home. The boys loved watching the boats on the water and I loved being able to take in the views and teach them a little about local history. We loved seeing all of the different scenery including downtown Detroit, Ambassador Bridge, and parts of Canada.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to travel. From childhood memories to our dating years, I love visiting new places both near and far. W

hile people might think that traveling with young kids might be more trouble than its worth, we’ve always made it a priority to get out to see the world. My husband and I try to go on a big family vacation every year. But, I had a rough pregnancy this last time, so we made up for it with doing smaller weekend and day trips around different parts of Michigan.

Belle Isle is a gem just outside the city of Detroit. It’s a pretty short drive from most town and cities across Metro Detroit. Depending on the season, there are different activities and festivals, too.

We spent most of our day at the beautiful fountain on Belle Isle and at the kids’ park. Kid’s Row features a multitude of play scapes and the boys had a ball running around on a beautiful weekend afternoon. Belle Isle is a great day trip for families to enjoy the sights and sounds of all that Michigan has to offer. Definitely worth a visit for locals and tourists alike!

From Wikipedia: “The island is home to the Belle Isle Aquarium, the Belle Isle Conservatory, the Belle Isle Nature Zoo, the Detroit Yacht Club on an adjacent island, the James Scott Memorial Fountain, the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, a Coast Guard station, a municipal golf course and numerous monuments. It also previously housed a Nature Center where visitors were able to traverse wooded trails and view wildlife natural habitats, a former Belle Isle Zoo, riding stables and the Detroit Boat Club. The island includes a half-mile (800 m) swimming beach.”

Travel With Kids: Local Day Trips - Belle Isle, Michigan

If you’re in Michigan, don’t forget to make a day trip (or two) to Belle Isle. I can’t wait to head back when it warms up!

Metro Detroit with Kids – Belle Isle




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  1. Nikki Gwin wrote:

    I no longer have children at home, but I DO love traveling with my grandchildren. It is so much fun to see the world through a childs eyes. Your stroller that you can wear as a backpack is amazing!!!
    I enjoyed your day trip…. I have never been to Michigan. Although, I hope too visit my uncle there some day.
    🙂 gwingal

    Posted 11.2.17
  2. A baby stroller that you can wear as a backpack?! How convenient is that?! I don’t think I’ve ever come across one before, so this is something we’d want to look into when we have kids. We travel often, so a lightweight equipment like this one will come in handy in the future!

    Posted 11.2.17
  3. La Shell wrote:

    Awwww! Your little one looked like he had a great day! I love the photos! They are so clear and crisp and well taken. Beautiful place.

    Posted 11.2.17
  4. Marsha wrote:

    What a beautiful place! I love how the stroller becomes a backpack! So handy. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 11.2.17
  5. Anna wrote:

    This is such a beautiful place. Your pictures are amazing.

    Posted 11.3.17
  6. Devon wrote:

    You’re trip looks amazing! I love how easy that stroller is to put up and down.

    Posted 11.3.17
  7. The views here are incredible, This trip looked beautiful and the fact that you have 3 and still managed to rock this mama life is beyond amazing! I’m actually looking for a stroller for my 2 year old for when we are on and about. A stroller backpack sounds perfect actually!

    Posted 11.7.17

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