How to Host A Stress Free Friendsgiving

The best part of this season is the holidays and the special times we get to spend with our loved ones both near and far. I love that so many of my friends return home to visit their families. It’s a great time to get together especially with our out of town friends. I’m the first one to gather everyone together whenever I get the chance!

Friendsgiving was made for people like me who love to spend quality time while laughing and eating together. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all about keeping things easy and simple. While hosting Friendsgiving sounds like a big feat, rest assured that there are absolutely ways to host a stress free Friendsgiving and I’m here to share all my hostess tips and tricks with you.

1.) Throw Out the Silverware!

I’m kidding, don’t throw out your silverware. But, seriously, the biggest time saver is doing away with traditional silverware for Friendsgiving dinner. There are so many decorative plastic and paper goods to use for dinner parties. I love that it still completes a tablescape without all of the dish cleaning after the delicious meal. When you’re trying to spend quality time with friends whom you don’t get to visit with often, every little way to save time is so important in how to host a stress free Friendsgiving. And who wants to waste time doing dishes instead of hanging out after the great meal?

2.) Order In!

The best piece of advice I can give for how to host a stress free friendsgiving is to serve HoneyBaked Ham for the main course of your Friendsgiving meal. My absolutely favorite is the bone-in half ham for holiday dinners. The ready-to-serve, sprial sliced and hand-glazed ham is a signature dish for any Friendsgiving meal. I love how it serves as an effortless and convenient centerpiece to the Friendsgiving tablescape too.


I also love serving HoneyBaked Ham’s Turkey Breast as another option for my friends. Their roasted turkey breast is perfectly cooked and topped with the same sweet, crunchy glaze as the ham. It also comes in a smoked flavor.


HoneyBaked Ham also has an array of dessert options. Since all of us are filled with pumpkin pie around this holiday, I chose to serve a cheesecake platter for our Friendsgiving meal. I love that it offers a variety of flavors for everyone.

3.) Keep It Simple!

I try my best to keep all aspects about hosting a Friendsgiving dinner as simple as possible. The decorations are refurbished pieces that I found in my basement storage. I love the simplicity of using the plastic ware and paper goods as part of the decor. Candles are always a cozy touch to the simple tablescape. In my opinion, there’s not need to go crazy on a Friendsgiving tablescape because the dishes, like the HoneyBaked Bone-In Ham serves as a great addition to the table top decor.

4.) Potluck Style It!

My friends and I love doing pot luck style dinners. As the hostess, I love serving the main dishes of Honey Baked Bone-In Ham and Turkey Breast. Each of my friends like to come with a dish or drink for all of us to share and enjoy together. Potluck style also makes it easy for clean up after wards! We make a few doggy bags for friends to take home and rinse off any dishes as needed. It’s definitely much easier than having to wash all of my own oven safe dishes for cooking entrees and side dishes for Friendsgiving.

If you know me, you know I love to eat delicious food. And even more, I love spending quality time with my friends whom I hold dear to my heart, but don’t often get to see in this stage of life. Friendsgiving is such a great tradition to enjoy a holiday meal with your closest friends and loved ones. And it definitely can be a stress free experience, even if you’re the one putting the whole event together. Be sure to stop by your local HoneyBaked Ham and pick up your delicious meals, side dishes and desserts for a holiday meal this season.

How to Host A Stress Free Friendsgiving

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How to Host A Stress Free Friendsgiving

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