Diaper Stock Pile – The Ultimate Guide for Baby’s First Year


We currently have two out of three kids in diapers. To say that we stock up on diapers out of necessity is an understatement. Thankfully, I’ve definitely been around the diaper block a few times to know how much I need to stock up on in each size. All three of my boys were born around the same weight (~8 lbs.), so that helped immensely with knowing how many diapers I need in each size. While each of them are growing at different paces and have different body types, during the first year they’ve been pretty similar in the different diaper sizes.

Diaper Stock Pile - The Ultimate Guide for Baby's First Year

I love shopping at our local Kroger and love their newly packaged diapers and wipes for the boys. I love the absorbency and the hypoallergenic liner of the diapers that is dye and fragrance free. Both of my babes have super sensitive skin and this helps greatly to reduce any irritation. The fit of the diapers is perfect for each of their bodies too, C runs around all day long and is comfortable and dry with the diapers that are leak protected for up to 12 hours. Baby B is just starting to squirm and wiggle on his tummy and rolling over all day long too. They move so well with him while still providing coverage and comfort.

Here’s the Diaper Stock Pile – The Ultimate Guide for Baby’s First Year that we use in our household:

  • SIZE NEWBORN: UP  TO 10 LBS. (4.5 KGS.), Good during MONTH 1, 1 BOX (~150 DIAPERS)We actually didn’t have to buy any newborn size diapers ourselves. Between what we brought home from the hospital and small packs that were gifted to us by friends and family. The first month was easy breezy in the stock pile department.
  • SIZE 1: 8-14 LBS. (4-6 KGS.) Good during MONTHS 2 & 3, 3 BOXES (~650 DIAPERS)All of our boys were in size 1s for about a month and half or so. They were all around 8 lbs at birth and back to birth weight and then some in month 1. By month 2, all three were around 12/13 lbs and solidly in size 1 diapers.
  • SIZE 2: 12-18 LBS. (5-8 KGS.), Good during MONTHS 3 & 4, 3 BOXES (~600 DIAPERS)This is the size that all three boys wore for the shortest amount of time. I’m not sure if it was their size or the fit, but we didn’t use size 2s for more than 1 or 1.5 months.
  • SIZE 3: 16-28 LBS. (7-12 KGS.), Good during MONTHS 5-11, 6 BOXES (~1350 DIAPERS)Both of of our older boys were in size 3 diapers for the back half of their first year. Baby B is just moving into size 3s and I think he’ll probably be comfortable in these for a good while just like his brothers.
  • SIZE 4: 22-37 LBS. (10-16 KGS.) MONTHS 11-12+ 1 BOX (~200 DIAPERS)I don’t think you really need to stock up per se on size 4s for the first year, but my oldest moved into size 4s just before his first birthday. My middle probably could’ve waited until after his first birthday, but we started using some in month 12 just because we had them on hand. Each of the boys was right around 24 lbs at one year.

In addition to our diaper stock pile, I love to stock pile the baby wipes too. I love Kroger’s Sensitive Wipes because it’s alcohol and paraben free and so easy on the boys’ sensitive skin. There are so many uses for baby wipes and we’re readily using 2 or more at each diaper change, so it only makes sense to stock up on them. Especially because I use them even with our oldest and he’s been potty trained for over 2.5 years!

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Diaper Stock Pile – The Ultimate Guide for Baby’s First Year

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