Building Confidence in (and out of) the Water through Swim Lessons

I’ve mentioned before about my oldest son’s personality. He is truly an old soul; intuitive and thoughtful. He’s reserved when he’s out of his comfort zone and completely the opposite when he finds his safe space. Ever since he was a little baby, he’s loved the water. Bath times were always met with shrieks and giggles. And the pool/beach is his home away from home. His love for the water coupled with our priority of teaching our kids about water safety is the main reason we decided to continue his swim lessons at our local Goldfish Swim School.

We’ve been attending Goldfish Swim School since the start of the year. We love the facilities that are catered to meet the kids’ and families’ wants and needs. Since we both work during the week, the weekend lessons are a perfect time for our family. And if ever we need to skip or cancel a class, the staff is so friendly and accommodating in scheduling a make-up class. The flexibility and customer service at Goldfish Swim School can’t be matched. It’s such a family friendly center that we all look forward to going every week.

The past few months of swim lessons has been such an amazing time of growth and learning for A. Not only does he have the natural comfort in the water, but he is learning the skills to swim on his own. He’s currently in the Gliders 2 Program at Goldfish Swim School which is for kids 4-12 with the following swim skills:

  • Able to roll over for one breath independently
  • Able to back float and front float for 10 seconds independently
  • Able to swim 10 feet independently

I’m continually amazed at the swim skills he’s learned through his swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School. Every week, I can see that he is building confidence in and out of the water. He excitedly tells us about how his lesson went and how he’s already looking forward to the next one. He asks us to replay videos for his grandparents to see just how far he’s come along in the different levels he’s surpassed. The best is when he tries to teach his little brothers swim strokes while they’re practicing tummy time (for the baby) together.

I love that my son is learning to trust himself and his abilities. I can see his confidence growing and know that it’s doing so many wonderful things for him. Not only is he learning to be safe in the water, but he’s building confidence in himself.

Building Confidence in (and out of) the Water through Swim Lessons

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Building Confidence in (and out of) the Water

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