Postpartum Fitness Tips From a Third Time Mom

I’m sure that what I’m going through is pretty normal for a third time mom. But, my (nonexistent) postpartum fitness journey has proven to be the hardest yet. It doesn’t help that I’m always so tired and I’m also feeling my age. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most active person these days. Coupled with the fact that I work at home and sit in front of a computer all day (& night), most of my “activity” comes from chasing my boys around the house.

Postpartum Fitness Tips From a Third Time Mom

Instead of setting goals that I can’t realistically achieve, I’ve been doing little things to add exercise (albeit slowly) back into my life. From taking our dogs for walks around the neighborhood or chasing after the boys in the back yard, I’m making sure to get outside for a little fresh air and movement at least a few times during the week. No matter what I’m doing, I love wearing Cuddl Duds clothing because it is so versatile! I can wear the leggings and top while I work and throw on the wrap to get outside with the boys. The comfortable, cozy pieces are perfect for our cool seasons, which will give me no excuse to avoid getting outside. I love that you can stay warm while looking good! And I’m always so comfortable in my Cuddl Duds that it boosts my confidence in my postpartum body.

I’m trying really hard to find the balance of giving myself grace, but not letting my health fall to the wayside. Time (or lack thereof) seems to be my biggest issue. Like most moms out there, I feel like there’s so much on my plate that it’s easiest to write off getting into a regular workout routine. Even the constant reminders in the soft pudge of my belly and squishy rolls of back fat aren’t enough motivation. Because, honestly, I just don’t have time to care or think about it. See, always, it’s always the lack of time! Regardless, I’m becoming more conscious of the fact that I need to be more active and so here I am, trying to get back into the swing of being active again.

For those of you who are like me, here are a few postpartum fitness tips:

  • Fit in it when you can: Time is our worst enemy. Whether it’s during my lunch hour or in the early evening before my husband gets home from work, I try to squeeze in 20 minutes of time outside with the kids. I’m remembering that even the small amount of activity is better than sitting on the couch watching the kids play.
  • Dress comfortably and in layers: Being dressed to step outside and be active with the kids makes it so much easier to say yes! My go to Cuddl Duds layers make it easy for me run out after the work day.
  • Be active with your kids (& fur babies!): Instead of spending time inside in front of a screen or sitting down together, getting outside with the boys is always so refreshing and a great burst of energy for me. Our small dogs love the few times they get to walk around the neighborhood, too. So it’s a win-win for everyone in the family.
  • Take it slow: I’m going to be blunt. I don’t expect to be running a marathon anytime soon. I’m in awe of my mom friends who are able to do so, but I’m well aware of my abilities and priorities. I’m not going to feel bad about it and I’m just going to continue to build upon the small blocks of fitness I’m adding back into my life.

All photos by Diana Liang

Postpartum Fitness Tips from a Third Time Mom



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  1. Jessica wrote:

    Number 1, you could not be any cuter. Number 2, working out with 3 kids is SO hard!!! Number 3, you look amazing, and so cute in your CuddlDuds!

    Posted 10.10.17
  2. April wrote:

    This post is so cute. You are amazing mama 😚😚😚. Great read and beautiful photos.

    Posted 10.10.17
  3. You look amazing mama! Love your pics and I am a huge fan of cuddl duds!

    Posted 10.10.17
  4. Lookin’ good in your CuddlDuds, mama! xo

    Posted 10.10.17

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