Dubs Party of Five: Newborn Session


Believe it or not, our little B is nearly 5 months old! And I’m just getting around to posting our pictures from his newborn photo shoot. Third child problems, am I right?! We had these photos taken by our family photographer Jenn Anibal when B was just five days old. It was two hours of sweating, laughing, (yelling), but she captured some of my favorite portraits of our family of five. I can’t believe how little and squishy he was. Time is truly my worst enemy these days. So thankful I have these photos to look back when my memory fails me.

Of all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you…

Dubs Party of Five: Newborn Session

To say these past five months have been a blur of laughter and love would be an understatement. I’m not sure if I’ll ever really adjust to being a mom of three, but I can attest to the fact that as crazy as our days are, the overall transition to a family of five has been seamless for the most part. Sure, we have our good days and bad days, but all in all, I don’t remember how we did life without our little B. Out of all of the blessings that I am grateful for, the most important one is the bond that these three babes have already formed with one another. I cannot wait to see their love and friendship grow in the coming years. I am so, so blessed they chose me to be their mama.

Dubs Party of Five: Newborn Session

The babiest of our family will forever be under the care of his two big brothers. Boy oh boy, is he in for a wild ride!

I’m so glad that my mom was there on the day of our session. She is super woman and the backbone of our household. She is the reason our party of five thrives in our happy chaos. I don’t know how I would do this motherhood thing without her help, guidance, love and encouragement. We are all so lucky to have her.

My sweet Baby B, my only wish is for you to be happy and to share with the world the love that we’re hopefully able to make you feel each and every day of your life.

That cheesy grin, are you kidding me?!

Dubs Party of Five: Newborn Session

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  1. Kim S wrote:

    Such a beautiful family!!

    Posted 10.25.17
  2. Jennifer wrote:

    Such beautiful photographs of your little one and his big brothers!! Congratulations, again! Beautiful family.

    Posted 10.26.17

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