A Day in the Life: Work at Home Mom Edition

As many of you know, I’ve been back to work at my day job for a few weeks now. I’m slowly getting settled into my new schedule and trying my best to keep “balance” between my work, home life and the blog. I asked and received feedback from a few of you on Instagram, so here I am to share with you what a typical day looks like for me. Most days, I’m flying by the seat of my pants and call it a success when all five of us are passed out in bed with full bellies and happy hearts. I tried to take notes of times as often as I remembered to for this post. Hopefully it’s not as boring as it looks to me!

Without further ado, here’s A Day in the Life: Work at Home Mom Edition:

7:16 a.m. I wake up from the discomfort of breastfeeding. I actually feel rested because I made myself go to bed at 10pm last night. I usually don’t wake up until I hear the kids or baby up for the day! This is a change and it feels nice to wake up on my own.

7:25 a.m. I pump 10oz and scroll through my e-mails and social media, trying to enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

7:46 a.m. I change out of my pajamas (woohoo today is a good day!), put my (half) face on, and boot up my computer.

7:52 a.m. The boys wake up, they’ve been ‘sleeping in’ the last few days, and I’m not complaining one bit. They get dressed for the day and head down to eat breakfast with D.

8:14 a.m. The baby wakes up and I feed him one bottle, burp him, and lay him down on his playmat. (My mom comes over.)

8:27 a.m. Husband leaves with A to preschool and then work for the day. (He usually wakes up before me to shower/get ready for work and get a quick breakfast together.)

8:32 a.m. I hand the baby and toddler off to my mom and hunker down in my office for the morning.

8:32 a.m. – 11:34 a.m. Two conference calls, e-mails, working on projects, writing, etc. I take a short break to nurse the babe. My mom makes me eat eggs and fresh fruit for breakfast. I finish my half cup of cold coffee.

12:22 p.m. Preschool pick-up, fill up the gas tank, run errands, etc. Depending on the day, my lunch hour looks different.

1:03 p.m. Back home, A sits down to watch a Netflix show and I’m back on the computer to check e-mails & eat lunch or a snack and nurse the babe again. Scrolling my phone for a social media check in. Reply to blog e-mails if I have time.

2:32 p.m. C wakes up from nap and the boys have snack time. I take a break from work and sit down with my babies.

3:02 p.m.-5:38 p.m. I’m back in the den working, one last conference call, writing and planning out my night schedule for blog. I take another break to nurse and start dinner. My mom heads home. I log off my work computer for the day.

6:02 p.m. I contemplate a Target run to pass the time. I decide it’s wiser to stay home and play with the boys before finishing dinner. And we all have a cry fest over who is going to clean up the toys.

6:32 p.m. D gets home from work. He changes and we all sit down to eat dinner.

7:13 p.m. D does bath time with the boys, while I finish dinner and clean up the kitchen.

7:38 p.m. I head up to say good night to the boys and nurse the babe down for bed.

8:17 p.m. I catch up with D for a few minutes before heading back to the office.

8:39 p.m. I start my blog work for the night, catch up on social media, get a post ready for tomorrow. I FaceTime with a girlfriend. And grab a little ice cream for dessert.

10:48 p.m. I put away laundry from two days ago, finish up picking up after the kids, wind down with the hubs.

11:36 p.m. I take a quick shower and get ready for bed and pass out!

This day is an anomaly in many ways because I got rest the night before and I managed to get to bed before midnight. But, the day to day activities are pretty typical for me. Some days, my mom picks up A from school, other days my dad comes over to help wrangle all three boys, and sometimes D has a day off from work during the week, too. I mostly work from home and feel grateful for the flexibility that my job and my mom allow me to have so that I can work at home near my babies, while pursuing my careers.

A Day In the Life: Work at Home Mom Edition

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a day in the life work at home mom edition

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I’m JeeYoung – Consultant, Content Creator, Chaos Coordinator. I’m a work at home mom to 3 boys in Metro Detroit.

This is a snippet of all the things that make us smile through our chaotic days. I’m so happy you stopped by!


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  1. Jessica wrote:

    You seriously amaze me every day!

    Posted 10.3.17
  2. Lauren wrote:

    A. Pumping 10 ounces – awesome. The most I could usually get was 8 and it felt like I ran a marathon haha.
    B. ‘Finish my cup of cold coffee’ oh I hear you.
    C. This was really great. You’re doing an awesome job balancing what looks like a very busy life. Keep it up mama!

    Posted 10.3.17
  3. Belle wrote:

    You’re an amazing momma balancing the very busy life of a working mom! I would love to check out that Welch’s 100% Juice Coconut water! Growing up in a tropical country where we can buy coconut everywhere, this post makes me miss home!

    Belle | http://www.OneAwesomeMomma.com

    Posted 10.3.17
  4. Magen wrote:

    I love this little sneak peek into a working moms day. So many people think working from home is easy but it’s a lot of work.

    Posted 10.3.17
  5. Summer wrote:

    I have never seen those Welch’s juices with the coconut water. I will have to look out for them around here. I live in a very rural area so we tend to be the last to get new stuff in our stores. I am also impressed that you managed to pump 10oz in one sitting! I was never able to pump well.

    Posted 10.3.17
  6. Jaclyn wrote:

    you rock!! I mean 10 ounces!!! Work from home life is not easy! that’s awesome though that you have your mom there to help out and feed you eggs. 😉

    Posted 10.3.17
  7. Morgan wrote:

    WOW you are one busy mama! People have no idea how hard it really is.

    Posted 10.3.17
  8. Jehava wrote:

    Love this post! It makes me feel normal because, sometimes I feel like I run around like a crazy person all day! You are superwoman girl!

    Posted 10.3.17
  9. Christine wrote:

    I LOVE those gorgeous little pineapple cups! Balancing it all is a constant battle for me.

    Posted 10.3.17
  10. Kate wrote:

    Thank you for writing this! I’m a first time mom due in 6 weeks(!!!!!!!!) and also work from home (graphic and web design). I’m really struggling with how to manage baby and work life. Since I’m self-employed, I am fortunate to be able to modify my schedule as needed. But I’m anxious about the reality of having time to work and time to parent. In your experience (or other work-at-home-moms out there), is it impossible to imagine caring for an infant and managing about 20 hours of computer work a week?

    Posted 10.3.17
    • JeeYoung wrote:

      Hey mama!! I was there, right where you just five years ago! And I promise, you WILL do it, and you WILL find your groove! Give yourself grace, be patient, and be kind to yourself! You are an amazing mama and anytime you need a vent session e-mail me! <3 I am happy to offer any words of support and tips that have saved me throughout my last few years as a working mom! <3 I'm so happy this post found your way to you!

      Posted 10.3.17
  11. Tamara wrote:

    The toys everywhere…. the story of every parents life. Daily.

    Posted 10.3.17
  12. Marquita wrote:

    Phew…What a day mama! Just more proof to me that if you’re a mom you have automatically entered into super hero status. You’re doing an amazing job with it ALL!!!

    Posted 10.4.17
  13. Thena wrote:

    You have a very busy day, but good for you! You are a great mom and role model, keep it up!!!

    Posted 10.4.17
  14. Amanda wrote:

    GIRL- you are busy!!! I can barely manage my one kiddo… you are killing it!! How lucky you are to get to work from home to still see the kiddos.

    Posted 10.4.17
  15. Safia wrote:

    You have such a busy day! You’re so amazing to manage a baby, kids and a work life.

    Posted 10.4.17
  16. ohmummymia wrote:

    You are so busy and anyway, you have time for everything! You are such a good Mom. And I love your pineapples drinks:)

    Posted 10.4.17
  17. This sounds very similar to what my daughter goes through in a standard day (she also has 3 children – but all girls – and your little ones are adorable!) I’m going to share this post wit her! How wonderful that you can work from home and have your mom to help watch the children.

    Posted 10.4.17
  18. Tatyanna wrote:

    Oh wow! You are killing it at balancing everything. And 10 ounces! Gosh, I was lucky to get a full bottle for my little one when I was breasfeeding. Way to go!

    xx Tatyanna

    Posted 10.4.17
  19. Julie wrote:

    It’s a busy life being a mama to three boys! I have three boys too but mine are older. With them being older, it still stays busy, but you are just busy with different things and must manage different things as they get older (like sports, school, homeowrk, social lives, mood swings, drama–even with boys there is drama!). Time alone is still a massive struggle for me to find, I’m not good at self care, but that juice sounds like a great way to find some self care time while sipping on something good and healthy! Good luck and enjoy your babes, time goes WAY too fast!!!

    Posted 10.5.17
  20. Val wrote:

    LOVE this post! You’re doing it all, momma! The three screens and B’s little face cracked me up.

    Posted 10.5.17
  21. Nikki wrote:

    Coconut water scares me lol but I am now tempted to try it thanks to Welchs! Also I really want those pineapple cups!!

    Posted 10.5.17
  22. Phon wrote:

    I’m a work at home mom with a blog, too! My day is very similar to yours. So glad to have found your site!

    Posted 10.9.17
  23. You’re one busy momma! It is super fortunate that you get to work from home though! Also, awesome that your mom can help so much. 🙂

    Posted 10.9.17

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