Little Boy Style for Fall & Winter


I read a quote a few months back as I was awaiting the arrival of our littlest addition. Sometimes being a brother is better than being a superhero! I’m not sure if it’s because my almost 5 year old is going through a love (obsession) for Super Heroes phase, but the sweet quote struck a chord with this mama of three boys.

I grew up with a younger brother, someone who has been my lifelong best friend. From childhood to adulthood, there is no one, aside from my husband, who knows my heart as well as my little brother. So, I only hope that my boys develop the same type of brotherly love for one another. The kind of love that makes you fight so hard because there’s no one else who knows just how to get under your skin. But, the same kind of love that makes you drop everything in your life to help him at a moment’s notice.

My two older boys spend most of their day fighting over toys and my attention. They are the reason that my days are full of happy chaos in the most literal way. The loud noise, the screaming and laughter; I can’t even hear myself think most days. But, then there are those sweet moments that simply take my breath away. The way my oldest little runs over to his little brother at preschool pick-up, proudly telling all of his friends that this is his little brother and best friend. The way my middle little always asks for a second snack or drink, so his big brother can enjoy it too. The way they both snuggle on their third musketeer. And then fighting over who gets to feed the baby or snuggle him more.

These sweet boys have such an amazing bond already, I can only imagine the loads of laughter and memories to be made in the coming years. I’m not sure what I did to deserve the love and adoration from these beautiful souls. But, I sure am grateful for these three sweet brothers I call my babies. My most deepest, solemn prayer is that they each get to know Jesus’ love and that it shapes the way they love one another and the way they share that love with the world around them.

Last week, we packed up the crew and headed over to Yates Cider Mill to enjoy some apple cider & donuts. The boys had a ball playing around the fields and creek at Yates, one of our favorite fall spots. I loved dressing them up in some of the cutest pieces from Janie & Jack’s Fall Line Lakeside Days. From their coats to vests, button downs, courdoroys and sweaters, the different pieces in the collection are absolute must have items for little boy style for fall & winter. I’m all about layers during our fall and winter season. And my picks from the Janie & Jack’s Fall Line Lakeside Days collection for each of the boys were carefully curated to add both comfort and style to their wardrobes. I love that Janie and Jack offers head to toe children’s clothing for a perfectly put together look that turns life’s smallest moments into ones to treasure.


All photos by Diana Liang

Little Boy Style for Fall & Winter

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little boy style for fall & winter

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  1. Val wrote:

    These are just the cutest pics ever 😍

    Posted 9.28.17
  2. We love Janie and Jack, such cute stuff there! Each season they come out with the best stuff, I don’t think there has ever been a season I don’t like 🙂

    Posted 9.28.17

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