How to Battle Dry Skin During the Winter

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WOOF! Is this week over yet?! It’s my inaugural week back at work and unfortunately, my husband is traveling for work as well. My days with the boys are packed full of activity and I can’t remember when I showered last. Don’t worry, I work at home, so no one has to see me in hot mess mom mode. Well, aside from my kids and mom who is our primary caretaker!

I don’t know about y’all, but I relish in the quiet of my shower routine. Whether it’s early in the morning before my kids wake up for the day or at nighttime after they’re in bed. It’s a time for me to relax and recharge for our chaotic days. Now that fall is here and the temperature is cooling down, I can already feel the effects of it on my skin. Our cold-weather months are long in Michigan, so I take extra precaution in my shower and skincare routine during the winter.

Did you know that 3 in 4 dermatologists say that women often damage their skin in the shower, thinking they are caring for it? Yep, I was one of those women who rushed through a shower just to get on with my busy days. But on the advice of the 88% of dermatologists who advise women to use a gentle cleanser when showering, I’m now much more aware of the products I use during my sacred shower time. When it comes to cleansing, all skin deserves gentleness. It’s something I try to be mindful of especially during the winter months. Only Dove Body Wash is made with 100% gentle cleansers, is sulfate-free and is the #1 dermatologist recommended body wash.

Diana Liang Photo

Diana Liang Photo

Dove Body Wash is great for my skin during the winter. But, If you’re like me and deal with dry skin year round, then you definitely want to try Dove Body Wash because it is so nourishing for your skin. My skin is so much softer and smoother that I rarely apply lotion most days, even during the winter. And there is a visible difference in my skin. Dove Body Wash is so nourishing that the lines I used to have on my dry legs are now completely gone!

One of my girlfriends jokingly told me that my (few) showers are actually great for battling dry skin. And I definitely agree, between the (lack of) showers and using Dove Body Wash, my skin is protected and nourished throughout the year and especially during the winter months.

How To Battle Dry Skin During The Winter

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How To Battle Dry Skin During The Winter

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  1. Brittney wrote:

    Dove is such a great brand! I totally agree with relishing in my shower time… even if it’s a quick 5 minute scrub down, those are the most peaceful 5 minutes of my day- lol!

    Posted 9.13.17

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