Explore Local Towns: Tips & Tricks for Day Trips with Kids

This summer has flown by! We’re trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer by filling our weekends with lots of activities. Last weekend, we packed up the car and headed out for a short road trip to one of the lake towns near our house. While we love to travel all over the states and abroad, we also love spending our summer days exploring different parts of Michigan and its beautiful lakes.

As a mom of three young children, I can definitely attest to the fact that traveling with kids is no easy feat. Needless to say with our family of five, my husband and I are constantly thinking of ways to feed our wanderlust without breaking the bank. One of the easiest ways is to explore local towns by taking day trips as a family!

We try to pack as minimally as possible since we have a packed car with our bunch. Like I mentioned in my last post, the shower caddies are a great way to save space and make sure that we’re not missing any of our essentials like diapers, snacks and books/toys for the kids. Once we’re good to go with our car care check at our local Firestone Complete Auto Care, we hit the road for the day’s adventure!

Pick a Place & Go! 

The best part of day trips is that you don’t have to worry about booking accommodations. It’s a great way to save money and save the hassle of having to plan everything so far in advance. When we decide to take the boys out for a day trip to a local town, it’s almost always on a whim when we don’t have set plans for the weekend. We try to pick a spot within a two hour drive just so that we don’t feel like we’ve spent most of the trip trapped in the car. Last weekend, we decided to head to Port Huron which is a town that’s just short of the Sarnia border into Canada. Port Huron is about a 45 minute drive from our house that offers peaceful scenery along the way.

The drives are usually the perfect time for the little ones in our family to get a nap in while my husband and I listen to some good music and have a quiet conversation. It’s a great way for us to get some down time on the way to our destination.

Visit Local Parks & Playgrounds

During our day trip in Port Huron, we drove through downtown to check out the local shops and ended up at Pine Grove Park. The park stretches 1500 feet on the river and gives a clear view of ships passing by. There were lots of people fishing off the boardwalk and sitting in the picnic areas taking in the scenic views. The boys loved being by the water and watching all different types of boat sail by. We all love being outdoors and taking in the summer weather, so this was the perfect spot to spend the majority of our day.

Firestone 6a

I’ve learned that most cities and towns have parks and recreational areas that usually feature a playground for kids. It’s a great and FREE way to spend time during a day trip with kids. After the boys burned off some energy playing on the playground, we unpacked our snacks and refreshments and took in the views from our chairs in the picnic area. I took a break to nurse the baby and the boys enjoyed their endless supply of snacks that they each packed up in their back packs. The weather was perfect for our trip, sunny with a cool breeze off the water. While my husband had to chase the older boys a few times, most of our visit at Pine Grove Park was relaxing for all of us.

Try Local Restaurants

My favorite part of our day trips is picking a spot to wind down and eat some delicious food! Port Huron has some great restaurants like The Raven Cafe and Freighters Eatery and Taproom. Many of our friends have recommended both places for good food and beautiful views.

Unfortunately, we had to head back near our home for some errands we couldn’t skip, but we grabbed an early dinner at one of our favorite spots in Rochester which is only twenty minutes away from our home. The Meeting House is also a local neighborhood restaurant focusing on approachable yet imaginative American cuisine. Their menu items are absolutely delectable and the quality of service is definitely top knotch. Our servers are so accommodating to us and our kids. The boys are usually so busy drawing and eating their yummy meals that we’re able to enjoy a full course meal (and even a glass of wine or two!)


Day trips are a great way to explore your local towns and chase your wanderlust without spending a fortune. It’s nice to getaway without having to go far away from home. I also rest assured knowing that many of the towns we visit have a Firestone Auto Care location in case we have any car issues during our trip! Plus, I’m all about finding new spots to visit in our local surroundings. I think it helps all of us appreciate our home so much more and I love being apart of the local culture. My husband and I went on day trips before we had kids, but it’s even more fun now that we get to see and experience our kids’ excitement in exploring new local towns just a short road trip away from home!

Don’t forget to download coupons to purchase product/services at your nearest Firestone Auto Care location before your day trips with kids!

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