Back to School Shopping Rules for Mini Style

This fall, A is headed back to the same private preschool he’s been attending since he was 2.5. Nevertheless, we always have so much fun shopping for back to school supplies and clothing. As he’s gotten older, he loves to tag along to be my shopping buddy and helps pick out clothes to wear, too. Carter’s is a go-to brand in our house. All of my boys have their own collection of different Carter’s pieces and outfits in their closets.

Since the day A was born down to little B’s current wardrobe, we are stocked on all of their basics to special outfits from Carter’s. Believe me when I say that little boys also have very strong opinions about their outfits, too! We love shopping at our local Kohl’s in the Carter’s Department for great back to school styles at great prices. Right now (8/4 -8/20), all Carter’s playwear is 40-50% off at Kohl’s. You can also use code BTS10 to get $10 off $50 spent on the back to school categories (which includes Carter’s clothing!)

As a mom, I have a few back to school shopping rules I try to stick by when shopping for my littles. Now that I’m a mom to three little boys, all of my clothing purchases are bought with intention. Albeit for a few random, spur of the moment buys, each of the pieces in the boys’ wardrobes are picked out according to these shopping rules I’ve imposed on myself.

Back to school season always gives me the chance to do an inventory of all three boys’ wardrobes and make thoughtful choices on what we need and want for each of them to wear throughout the season and beyond.


With two active little boys and another one growing fast to join them, my number one priority is to find stylish clothing that is comfortable for the boys. A’s preschool encourages a lot of outdoor play time, so I always buy clothes that he can move and run around freely in. I love stocking up on these cute and comfortable collared tees from Carter’s at Kohl’s. The khaki shorts are versatile to match any top and I also love the velcro waistband.


For as long as I can get away with it, I will buy certain pieces in all different sizes. Seriously, is there anything cuter than brothers matching in their outfits from every day play clothes down to pajamas? I think not!

I stocked up on these cute transitional plaid shirts from Kohl’s that will be great for end of summer and fall seasons.


A always has an opinion about his clothing. Whether it’s comfort or preference or just a random preschooler thought, he likes to pick out his own clothes. He loved coming to Kohl’s with me to pick out his Carter’s tops and bottoms for the new school year. I love that we get to enjoy a shopping trip together! The big bonus is that when I let him choose what to buy (sometimes and within reason), he is much more amicable to get dressed in the morning. And anything that decreases the frequency of unexplainable tantrums is a win in my book!


Even though I have three boys, I want each of them to feel like their own individual self. While I obviously love ALLTHEMATCHING, I also like picking out pieces that are special to each one of them. It can be as simple as buying the same tee with different graphics. Or buying shorts in different colors. This way, each of the boys has different choices, as well as the overall collection of clothing growing over time. I’m sure B being the youngest will have plenty to choose from with his brothers’ clothing, as well as when I add his own pieces, too!


Along the same thoughts on my last rule, I don’t want everything for C and B to be hand me downs. I honestly don’t think it would be possible with how hard they are on some of their clothes over time. I love to stock up on my favorite basics from Carter’s at Kohl’s because the quality is great for all three to wear. But they always offer up so many options each season for me to add to their existing basics collection.

What are some of your Back to School shopping rules?

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  1. jessica wrote:

    I totally learned that comfort is key the hard way. I have so many pieces that both my son and daughter flat out refused to wear…such a waste of money! Now I know that Eli only wears pants that are cozy.

    Posted 8.14.17
  2. April wrote:

    So cute, I love them matching. It reminds me of my sister, my mom matched us all the time . People thought we are twins.

    Posted 8.14.17
  3. Patricia wrote:

    Your boys sure are handsome JY!!! I love Carter’s and comfort is a must!!

    Posted 8.14.17
  4. Aileen wrote:

    We are a Carter’s household, too. Their clothing is cute, comfortable, and affordable!

    Posted 8.14.17
  5. Kelly wrote:

    I don’t know how I would afford to dress my children without Carter’s!!! They have the cutest outfits and they are always affordable 🙂

    Posted 8.14.17
  6. Adorable!! I love the matching brother outfits!! I’ll have to check Carter’s out for my kids!

    Posted 8.14.17
  7. Your boys are so cute. I totally agree when I dress my son comfort is key, and basics are a must. I love that they are matching.

    Posted 8.14.17
  8. Tamara Goyette wrote:

    My girls both love when they can match, but they also both love when I give them options to pick from. It’s fun seeing what they pick out.

    Comfort is huge for both of my girls and I love that I know I can find that with Carter’s pieces.

    Posted 8.15.17
  9. Kerry wrote:

    Love the matching plaid shirts! Comfort is definitely key. Carters always has the best pieces for play.

    Posted 8.15.17
  10. I love their matching outfits so much! I love shopping at Carters and finding coordinating outfits for my son and daughter!

    Posted 8.15.17

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