Transitioning from Two to Three Kids

Are you expecting your third bundle of joy? Congratulations! What an exciting time for your family. As a mom who’s lived through this transition. I can assure you that you’re going to be JUST fine. Some days are a bit more chaotic than life with two little ones. But, for the most part, the chaos of having three babes was our “easiest” transition. Below you can find some realizations from this mom of three as we transitioned from two to three kids.

Transitioning from Two to Three Kids

It’s been just over a month since we added our newest bundle of joy to our family. Aside from doubling our monthly diaper budget, we didn’t do much planning or prep work for our transition from two to three kids. #ThirdChildProbs, am I right? 

For the most part, we’re all adjusting to our new normal, with only a few tears shed most days. Now, don’t call me an expert, we’re just beginning our adventures as a family of five. And we only have two mobile children for the time being. But, we do have two babes in diapers (WOOF!) and have the experience of the last month under our belts. Suffice it to say, I’ve already learned a few lessons on this transition from two to three kids.

Yelling is a Daily Occurrence

I yell more than I’d like to admit. To be really honest, I spend most of my day yelling at my two older boys. I’m loud by nature, so I fully expected this aspect of my personality to be exacerbated by the addition of our littlest love.

Stop bothering your brother! Don’t jump around by the baby! Stop fighting with each other!

Eat your dinner! Don’t eat your boogies! Clean your toys! Be quiet!

Even though they’re still my babies, I’ve probably asked them to grow up a bit faster these days. I try to be mindful of (not) using the word “No!” Especially with my (almost) two year old, because I don’t want them to associate any negative feelings or resentment towards baby B.

I do try to give myself a “time-out,” if I can sense my patience level running short. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you, managing three little humans and their every need can be exhausting. But, in the same vein, they are little humans… I try to remind myself that I need to adult. Ask for help whenever you need it. Woosah in the corner. Take a bathroom break. Whatever you need to do to get a moment of clarity, do it, and do it guilt-free.


Multitasking Becomes a Sixth Sense

I always thought of myself as an efficient person. Someone who can work well under pressure and manage multiple things at a time. Well, nothing proved me more right than becoming a mama to a newborn, almost two year old, and 4.5 year old.

At any given time of the day, I’m usually hooked up to a breast pump, bouncing the baby, and pulling apart my two older boys. If I can get a hand free, I’m probably scarfing down a banana or half eaten graham cracker for a meal.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a TON of help from my mom and husband and friends/family. But, there are multiple times a day where there isn’t enough MAMA to go around. And that’s just the way it is and I wouldn’t have it any other way (most days!).

Noise Level is Always High

Don’t come to our house if you’re looking for peace and quiet. But, the laughter? The laughs and love are always in abundance in our home. C starts us off with a musical concerto of his favorite songs to announce the break of a new day. It’s often followed by A and C screaming with glee while chasing each other around their shared room.

From wake up to bed time, the screams and the laughs are never ending. Even during nap time, when two out of three kids are sleeping, there’s always, ALWAYS noise. Whether it’s our two dogs barking at the mailman or our oldest playing build and crash with his LEGO and magnet tile toys, there is no shortage of noise in our house.

Your Heart Grows Exponentially

Yep, all of those cheesy parenting cliches. Seriously, you thought your heart swelled when you had your first baby? Or your second baby? Well, this is a common theme with the addition of a new baby. Your heart grows beyond your wildest imagination. Your love for your babies and your love for your significant other grows an immeasurable amount.

Divide and Conquer is a Survival Tool

We are officially outnumbered. Right now, my husband and I switch off on baby duty. Every other night, D does nighttime duty with the baby, while I get some uninterrupted sleep. During the day, we are usually altogether as a family or I’m with the baby and D is with the older boys. Today, for example, he took them out for a bike ride on the trail. The baby and I ran some errands at the mall and grocery store. Last night, we took turns prepping and grilling our dinner. Bed time is almost always a split team job.

Budgeting is Key

Like I mentioned earlier, financially prepping for a baby is always at the top of our “to-do” list. We are already planning for the boys’ high school years when our grocery bill will be through the roof. Don’t even get me started on how we’ll pay for the car insurance. Because I have no clue!

For now, we try to make the most out of having two babes in diapers by shopping in bulk.

Any other mamas of three kids out there? Do you have any tips or lessons learned on your transition from two to three kids?

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