Summer Skincare (Pt. 2): Repairing Damage

I’ve always been a believer of living life fully in the present and looking forward to the future for excitement. While I try to live by this self-imposed mantra, it doesn’t diminish the fact there are definitely times when I feel the effects of my past creeping up on me. Much like all women and mamas in their 30s, I have a few things I wish I did (or didn’t) do in my 20s! Because while I don’t want to admit it, they’ve had long term effects that are still present in my life today. Nowadays, I try my best to circumvent any serious harm by proactively undoing the mistakes and damage I caused my future self in my youthful, carefree days of years past.

1.) Taking Sleep for Granted

Oh how I wish I enjoyed the perks of staying up late and sleeping in with no alarm clock. While my babies are good sleepers, with age my body has adjusted to functioning on little sleep. If only I could go back in time to thoroughly relish in the restful sleep of my youthful 20s. My body would probably be less achy these days if I could get restful sleep not inundated by nighttime thoughts of to do lists and kid schedules and work deadlines.

2.) Eating (& Drinking) Better

I think everything in moderation is a good point of reference when it comes to delicious food and drinks. I think the part I tended to forget, as most young people do, is the “moderation,” part of my indulgences. There are definitely periods where I wasn’t healthy AT ALL when it came to my daily consumption of fried foods. I wish I set better lifelong habits of eating balanced meals and drinking lots of water when I was younger because it’s harder to set my mind to do it now. I also think my current body would be in better shape if I took care of it more earlier on in my 20s.

3.) Fake Bake in Tanning Beds

The biggest regret I have of my 20s is using tanning beds. Ugh, so unhealthy and so unnecessary. I have freckles that have now turned into bigger spots through pregnancy and post partum hormone changes. I have creases and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. While I realize that some of this is just the natural aging process, I think I did a lot of damage from using tanning beds during high school and college.

Last month, I posted part 1 of my summer skincare series featuring the 2 step system by Shortlist. While it’s only been one month since I started to use the products, I’ve already noticed changes to my skin. I love that I can use these simple products to undo the damage from my lack of sun (& tanning bed) protection in my younger days.

repairing damage

The Shortlist Serum moisturizes to repair existing dry and damaged skin. I’ve definitely noticed the short term effects of how the serum moisturizes my skin to repair my existing dry and damaged skin. Over time, skin cells are energized with moisture to make your skin act and feel younger. I can’t wait to see and feel some of the long term effects of the serum on my skin.

The Shortlist Cream rejuvenates skin by increasing surface cell turnover. Over time it noticeably diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I love how the moisturizing effects of the cream encourages surface cellular repair and reverses visible signs of aging like the fine lines I’ve noticed around my eyes and forehead.

I’ll be sure to continue my updates on the benefits of using the Shortlist skincare system. Don’t forget to check back for more beauty and summer skincare tips in future posts.

What regret do you have from your 20s? What’s your key to repairing damage to your skin?

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repairing damage


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  1. Shari wrote:

    Great tips! All the damage we do really catches up!

    Posted 7.27.17
  2. These are some wonderful tips! Never heard of Shortlist, I’ll be checking them out!

    Posted 7.28.17
  3. Something I must try. My skin is not like it once was. And I feel motherhood has made me aged quite a lot. It’s important to take care of ourselves too

    Posted 7.28.17
  4. Gosh I definitely need something to repair my skin from laying out in the sun too much when I was younger! Looking forward to reading more updates on how shortlist is working for you!

    Posted 7.28.17
  5. Such helpful tips! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Posted 7.31.17

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