STEM Toys & Learning for Preschoolers

As a self-proclaimed bookworm and school nerd, one of the best parts of parenting is watching my kids discover the world around them. I’m a huge fan of learning through play because I truly believe it encourages a love for lifelong learning that surpasses the schooling years.

STEM toys that encourage building are always a hit in our house. My oldest son has been playing with magnet tiles since he was two years old. He was gifted a set from one of my friends and I’ve added a few sets to his growing collection. Two years later, these toys are loved by both of my older boys. I love that Shape Mags Magnet Tiles encourages STEM learning in a variety of ways. From design to building, the boys have so much fun plotting out their cities and roads. Bonus! My boys play SO well together when they sit down with these toys.

It amazes me every time I see a new building, geometric shapes and other fun designs. I can hardly believe that a four year old can come up with such intricate ideas. Sometimes I join in on the building fun, other times I watch him playing with his favorite toy. I can hear his mind churning with different ideas and see his imagination coming to life. The joys of parenting are truly endless and cultivating my preschooler’s love for learning is one of my favorites.

I love that Shape Mags teaches STEM learning through play. And it’s a great confidence booster. A is always so excited to show us his newest creation. It’s such a great opportunity for us to praise and encourage his natural learning process.

Shape Mags Magnetic Stick ‘n’ Stack is great for STEM learning and has lasted the test of time. SERIOUSLY! The boys play with their set at least once a day!

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What are some of your kids’ favorite STEM toys?

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