Fairy Tale Forest Maternity Shoot

It’s hard to believe that six weeks ago, I was still pregnant with Baby B. As much as third trimester pregnancy is not fun (at all), there’s a part of me that will miss it.

I never intended to do a formal “maternity shoot.” I didn’t do it with my first two pregnancies and the idea of it seemed over the top and cheesy to me. But, when I was talking about it with D, he said that this is such a special time in my life that when I’m old and gray, I’ll be happy to have the memories captured in pictures. I’m so glad that I listened and did the fairy tale forest maternity shoot. It will forever be in my memories, these months and years of carrying my babies.

Our family photographer, Jenn Anibal captured these beautiful photos for us on a sunny April afternoon at Stoney Creek Metro Park. I felt a bit funny walking through the park in a princess gown and felt even funnier wearing a floral crown. But, I love how these photos turned out. I’m so happy with the theme of our fairy tale forest maternity shoot. She captured my heart and love for my babies and being blessed to carry them to term, despite my love/hate relationship with third trimester pregnancy.

forest fairytale maternity shoot

I’m so glad D and the boys came with me to the maternity shoot. The boys had a ball playing around with Jenn, as she captured some family moments for us, too.

This third pregnancy was the hardest one. D was my rock through it all. I seriously am so grateful to have him by my side through this happy chaos we’ve built throughout our years together. Not to be overly mushy, but I absolutely adore the photos that Jenn captured of us. It’s been ten years since the summer we started dating. And three babies later, he’s still the one that makes me laugh; open mouth, double chins and all.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt like a beautiful princess. Let alone when I was in the thick of third trimester pregnancy. I’m so thankful for these beautiful photos and have no regrets!

Thank you to Sew Trendy Accessories for providing my beautiful maternity gown and floral crown. 

Fairy Tale Forest Maternity Shoot

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  1. Stunning is the only thing I can think of right now. So pretty. And those trees, everything is perfect. Glad that you got these, part of me wishes I did a maternity photo shoot too, oh well! Glad that you go them, so where are the newborn photos? hehe.

    Posted 7.18.17
  2. Angela Kim wrote:

    These photos are gorgeous! Such a beautiful capture of your third pregnancy.

    Posted 7.24.17

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