Today, You are Two.

Today, you are two.

My free spirited, wild child. You are a lover of life. You came into this world fast and furiously, with no time to waste, that you joined our family two weeks early. You are my baby that taught me just how big my heart could grow overnight. You taught me that I am capable as your mama and gave me the confidence to trust my motherly instincts without question.

You teach me to live every day to the fullest. To chase after your every want and to never let anyone stand in the way. You are my tough cookie. You endured a lot in your first year of life and showed your strength and tenacity from the very beginning. These days we call you “Bam Bam,” our little wrestler and athlete. You love to laugh and scream and sing. Oh boy, do you love to sing and dance. You are our little showstopper and super star.

time flies

You are loud and boisterous, confident and carefree. The laughter you bring to our lives is immeasurable. Your overflowing joy is such a blessing, and we are better people because of you. We are infinitely happier and sillier than before we knew you.

You love to tug at my heart strings; and your clever little antics already do crazy things to my heart. Your sly grin, your sweet pecks on our cheeks, and your side hugs around our shoulders. Those are all of your special signals of how you show us your love. And I love so much that you are now part of the “special handshake” club with your dad and big brother.

C, my sweet baby, you are your dad’s little buddy. You are your big brother’s best playmate. And your little brother’s big hero.

You will always be my baby, as all three of you will always be, but you are the one I will always feel indebted to for sacrificing our sole attention on both ends. Forever our middle little, but always loved and cherished. Your adoring love towards your big brother and your sweet and caring love for your little brother is something that will never go missed by your dad and me. And I hope will be treasured by them throughout the rest of your lives as brothers.

Thank you for choosing us, my sweet C. We choose you again and again, over and over.

I love you to the moon and back and then back again.

May you love hard and live fully, as you show us how to already every day.

Happy 2nd Birthday, my darling son. 



  1. Jacki wrote:

    Ok crying mama over here! 😭😭😭 happy 2nd birthday sweet boy!

    Published 7.15.17
  2. Susan wrote:

    😭😭😭😭 happy birthday, to your sweet sweet love.

    Published 7.15.17

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