The 3 Best Tips to Make Your Family Road Trips a Smooth Ride

We love to go on family road trips throughout the year. During the summer, we take even more road trips to visit the beautiful lakes around our state. D has family up north in Bay City, so we visit whenever we find the time. And we also like to take the kids to a local water park that is a short road trip away. We’ve been on a few already this season and we can’t wait to go on more during these last weeks of summer. With our many family road trips, I’ve learned a few tricks that help make it a smooth (as possible) ride for all of to enjoy on the way. Here’s the three best tips to make your family road trips a smooth ride:1.) Shower Caddy for ALLTHETHINGSWhat? A shower caddy, you ask? Yep, I use a shower caddy to make different kits to make our road trips a smooth ride! I always keep a diaper caddy in the car for the times that mom brain gets the best of me and I leave my diaper bag behind at home. But, it’s even more useful during long road trips because I don’t have to dig through all of our luggage to grab a dipe/wipe. I keep extra diapers in both toddler and baby sizes, travel sized tubes of butt paste and lotion, and an extra swaddle blanket and onesies for any accidents. (Not that those ever happen in our car.)

On road trips, I like to take two more caddy kits with us. I make a snack caddy for the whole family and an activity caddy for the boys. The snack caddy is filled with family-friendly snacks that all of the kids and adults in the car can enjoy. Some of our current road trip snack favorites are KIND bars, fruit chews, and Hippeas puffs. (Aff Links) These pair perfectly with our bottles of water. Water is by far the safest, colorless drink of choice by us. Because you know there’s always a spill at some point during our trips. The boys love to help me pick out their favorite books and tablet games for their activity caddy. I love giving them a task like drawing something they see during the car ride. Their book reader tablets make it easy to get some electronics/noise in without too much screen time. Overall, the activity caddy keeps the busy and makes for peaceful family road trips for everyone. 2.) Car Check at Firestone Complete Auto Care (& Clean Out at Home) We always make sure to take our car into Firestone Complete Auto Care before our family road trips. With top-notch services, including tires, oil, brakes and battery alignments, Firestone Complete Auto Care has everything you need to ensure car safety before you take off. Even though we put a lot of miles our car, we have peace of mind knowing that our road trips will be a smooth ride thanks to Firestone Complete Auto Care. Not only is the service process easy, the best part is that they always have coupons that make it easy on our wallets, too!

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In addition to the car services at Firestone Complete Auto Care, we like to clean out our designated family car before road trips. Because I use it every day with the kids, it can get pretty dirty between road trips. While we know that we’ll do another clean out after we get back home, it’s an easier process if we start the trip with a clean car. It also make more room for all of the things we pack from home and things we bring back from our trips. 3.) Let Your Kids Pack Their Own Bags Even at 4 and 2 years old, A & C get so excited to pack their own bags. This excitement fuels good moods for our family road trips up north. Happy babies = happy parents, am I right?! I love helping them pick different things they want to pack for our trips. Whether it’s special jammies or a stuffed animal, the boys like to pack their own bags full of their special things for each of our trips. It makes it easier and keeps me in check not to over pack all the baby and kid things into our car, too.

Do you like to go on family road trips? What are some tips that save you time on the road?

Be sure to get your car serviced at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care before your next family road trip!


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  1. The shower caddy is a brilliant idea!

    Posted 7.25.17
  2. Coppelia wrote:

    What Jaclyn said in the comment above! I LOVE the shower caddy idea! I need one for our car, too! Thanks for sharing the idea!

    Posted 7.25.17
  3. Susan wrote:

    Ooh I like the caddy idea. Too bad we rarely let the kids eat in the car 🤣

    Posted 7.25.17
  4. Oh goodness, we LOVE road trips!!! And my kids go crazy about packing for themselves! Haha. Love the caddy tip!

    Posted 7.25.17
  5. justine wrote:

    How fun! I agree — shower caddies for different things are necessary!
    Also! cereal dispensers with plastic bags in them for trash cans.

    I’m psycho and I try not to let my kids pack all by themselves because how are 24 dinosaurs and one pair of underwear going to help you during our one week vacation?

    Posted 7.25.17
  6. Using shower caddies is such a smart and cheap way to stay organized. We are always big on making sure the car is serviced and clean before we go too!

    Posted 7.27.17
  7. Julie Hood wrote:

    That shower caddy idea is brilliant!!!

    Posted 7.27.17
  8. Coral wrote:

    Goof tips! I’ll be using these on my next road trip… Thanks 🙂

    Posted 7.27.17
    • Coral wrote:


      Posted 7.27.17
  9. I love the caddy idea rather than pulling them from a bag

    Posted 7.28.17

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