Summer Skincare (Pt. 1): 2 Step System

Need some simple tips on summer skincare? Read below to find out what I do for my summer skincare regiment!

The summer season is my favorite! I love being outdoors and taking in the warm, sunny weather. Along with that comes the extra task of stepping up my usual skincare regiment. I’ve learned in my 30s that summer skincare is crucial to undoing past damage, maintaining skin health, and preventing the aging process. My 20-something self was too lazy to upkeep any summer skincare routine. And now my 30-something self regrets it so much! But, I’ve realized in my maturity, that simple steps make a huge difference to my skin’s health.

Drinking water & staying hydrated

It took experiencing pregnancy for me to realize how important it is to stay hydrated for your overall health. The obvious benefit of drinking lots of water is that my skin is hydrated. I’ve also noticed that hydration is key to my overall skin texture feeling smooth.

Using SPF sunscreen daily

I cringe at the thought of the tanning beds and tanning oil I used in my youth. Now, I spend my days lathering on sunscreen all over my face and body. It’s such a crucial part of skincare! I make sure to buy it in bulk for the summer, but SPF products are a must in my year round beauty routine.

Wearing a hat, UVB sunglasses, sun parasol

Are hats trending right now? If they are, it’s a good thing, because I love shielding my face from the hot sun by wearing hats! There’s plenty of cute and fashionable hats to accessorize your summer outfit or swim suit. It’s a double win, sun protection and a fashion statement! Another accessory that I wear daily is UVB sunglasses. Whether it’s playing outside with the kids or driving to run an errand, I make sure that all of my sunglasses and eyewear are UVB-protected.

I also learned from my mom and my aunts in Korea that using a sun parasol is great for days out in the sun. It’s not common where I live, but I make sure to pack a small parasol when I travel to urban areas with lots of walking outside during the sunny, summer season.

Exfoliating & Moisturizing

Once or twice a week, I try to exfoliate my face and body. I don’t do anything fancy, but I use a loofa or textured towel to exfoliate my skin lightly. It helps get rid of old, damaged skin and helps my skin absorb products better. In addition to exfoliating, making sure to moisturize my skin thoroughly during the summer months is another part of my summer skincare regiment. It’s easy to forget during the summer since the humidity makes you feel like you’re more hydrated than you really are!

I was so excited to receive the new Shortlist skincare system to try this summer. In my opinion, less is more and I love the simplicity of Shortlist’s 2 step skincare system: the Serum and Cream that are made from only a few ingredients which work together to help repair damaged skin and help prevent aging.

summer skincare

The Shortlist Serum moisturizes to repair existing dry and damaged skin. Over time, skin cells are energized with moisture to make your skin act and feel younger. It helps to strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier and regenerates your skin’s surface, too! I love that the Serum’s Key ingredients are all recognizable:

  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3): Helps to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier
  • Glycerin: Provides long-lasting moisture
  • Hyaluronic acid: A moisturizing ingredient that can hold more than 1000 times its weight in water

The Shortlist Cream rejuvenates skin by increasing surface cell turnover. Over time it noticeably diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. And boy, do I have some wrinkles I need to take care of! Just like the Serum, I love that the Shortlist Cream’s Key ingredients are all recognizable!

  • Retinyl propionate: Diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone
  • Glycerin: Provides long-lasting moisture

I’ve just started using the Shortlist Serum and Cream, but wanted to document the progress of my skin as the system repairs damage, rejuvenates skin, and prevents aging! So here are a few shots from a few days ago, sun spots, dark under eyes, fine lines and all!

I’ll be sure to update you all on the benefits of using the Shortlist skincare system soon. Don’t forget to check back for more beauty and summer skincare tips in future posts.

What’s your key to summer skincare?

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  1. chanel wrote:

    These look great! I love finding new brands through bloggers I love. Heading to their website now!

    Posted 6.26.17
  2. Brandy wrote:

    I have the worst dry skin during the summer. Might do me some good changing my routine as well.

    Posted 6.26.17
    • JeeYoung wrote:

      Me too! Well dry patches more or less 🙁

      Posted 6.27.17

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