5 Tips for Blogger Productivity & Efficiency (ft. Coolpad Canvas)

Thanks to Coolpad Canvas for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all content and opinions are my own.

In the past year of blogging, I’ve learned tricks and tips to keep my productivity levels at a good pace. Because I only blog part-time, I am always looking for ways to maximize the time I put into the blog and to ensure that I am putting in quality over quantity when it comes to maintaining my blog content. The tips I use on a daily basis not only apply to my blogging productivity, but overall makes my life more efficient. With raising kids, cleaning house, and a day job, I need all the tricks to help me maintain a good workload and pace on all fronts.

Here are a few of my tips for Blogger Productivity & Efficiency:

1.) Use a Planner/Calendar and Time Block

In this day and age, while there are all sorts of apps and calendars, I love using my good ole’ paper planner and a desktop calendar. I have a dry erase board that I use to keep my blogging schedule and task list updated on a weekly basis. But, the planner and desktop calendar helps me to keep a longer schedule in mind. It helps me to block out time for certain tasks and also helps me appropriately schedule blog time ahead of approaching client deadlines, different time-sensitive content topics, etc.

I picked up a great tip from one of my blogging friends about using post-it notes on my big desktop calendar. You can use the post it notes to jot down your blog schedule and topics, but also be able to shift them around when timelines change or if you want to mix-up your the content during any given week! Genius!!!

2.) Invest in Quality (Affordable) Tools!

I love that I don’t have to lug my DSLR everywhere. I’m totally a novice when it comes to photography. While I have plans to take some photography classes in the future, I love using my Coolpad Canvas for my video and camera needs, especially while out and about with the kids.

Coolpad Canvas wants to inspire and be inspired! I love that it’s a smartphone designed to be a blank slate where you can create and make anything you want with your phone, to try new things, and be creative. The camera quality and big screen are great features of the Coolpad Canvas. I’ve also recently started creating videos for blog content and the Canvas‘ video recording quality is amazing! And the best part? It is affordable and so reasonably priced. It’s a great investment to make in a tool essential for bloggers.

3.) Schedule in Blogging Breaks

I mostly take weekends off from social media and from the blog. I use Sunday nights to refresh and get ready for the week for both my day job and blog. The mental break is so crucial to keeping up my energy for the work week. It helps me to stay fresh when it comes to keeping up new content and helps to minimize blogger burnout. It’s seriously so, so important for me to step away from the internet and social media on a regular basis. I totally believe that it’s what keeps me more productive and more efficient when it comes to my actual time spent on the blog.

4.) Don’t Stress / Force Creativity and/or Content

Blogger burnout is real. I’ve noticed that most of my best posts have come naturally when I’m not sitting staring blankly in front of my computer screen. But, rather when the time I spend on the blog is intentional and with purpose, I create my best content. You can’t force words or posts. It ends up eating away more of your time and your creativity. There’s so much time I wasted in the first few months of figuring out my balance that it totally crushed my blogger productivity.

5.) Automate Tasks

Let’s face it, I’m not a machine. As much as I want to do all the things, I’ve realized that’s just not realistic. I use schedulers tied to my blog to promote my posts on Facebook and Twitter. I use Tailwind app (aff link) to keep up activity on my Pinterest account. Seriously, automation tools are worth the small cost for the time it gives me to focus on creating better content.

What are some of your tried and true tips for increasing productivity & efficiency?

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  1. Everyday I’m trying to strengthen my blogging game! You are rocking it friend! I really should try out Tailwind or other similar programs….

    Posted 6.7.17
  2. Connie wrote:

    Great tips thank you!!

    Posted 6.7.17
  3. I try not to go on social media on the weekend that is one thing that I definitely try to enforce! I will check into the app, I love apps that can help me! This is a great list and I still use a lot of planners/notepads!

    Posted 6.7.17
  4. Bobbi wrote:

    A time block is definitely something I have trouble with lol. But I am working on it! Automation is a fantastic tool!!

    Posted 6.7.17
  5. Talisa wrote:

    I firmly believe in automating as many tasks as possible. Buffer is my fave for scheduling tweets about my blog posts.I’ve been (ashamedly) procrastinating about starting Tailwind. I heard it’s a life-changer!

    P.s your blog is beautiful!

    Posted 6.7.17
  6. What a cool device!! I’m such a fan of working when the creativity is flowing. If you’re in flow for one task, DO THAT – don’t force yourself to switch to something different when you’re in the groove!

    Coming Up Roses

    Posted 6.7.17
  7. Marta wrote:

    I have an amazing planner…that I always forget at home 🙁

    Posted 6.7.17
  8. That is so cool, I’ve never heard of it! I am all about planning and productivity too and this would be great.

    Posted 6.7.17
  9. Robin wrote:

    It’s so true that good content comes from a balance of creative inspiration and planning. You can’t always wait for inspiration to strike to work on your blog–sometimes you do just need to sit down and hack away at something–but knowing when to walk away and take a break is key. People can tell when writing is lacking inspiration, so why burn up all of your time chasing something that could come easily another day?

    Posted 6.7.17
  10. Camille wrote:

    Excellent tips! I totally agree about investing in solid tools – it took my blog to a new level! So worth it.

    Posted 6.7.17
  11. Those tips make blogging so much easier! I think your first one is the most important. Planning is so essential!

    Posted 6.8.17

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