Prepping for a New Baby: 3rd Child Edition

I am less than six weeks away from meeting our newest little love. But, if you ask me if I’m prepped for baby’s arrival, all you’ll hear is silence and all you’ll see is my face making the rolling eyes or blushing stunned eyes emoji. #thirdchildproblems

I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my learned confidence as a mom. In the back of my mind, I know that all I need to be prepped for is to make sure the baby is fed, clothed, rested, and endlessly loved. And in all honesty, the daily grind of parenting the big brothers, working, blogging and just trying to healthily survive this pregnancy; I haven’t had the time nor the mental capacity to do much in the way of baby preparation. Any other mamas of 3+ feel me? I hope I’m not the only (lazy) one.

Now that we’re in the thick of the third trimester, I am focusing on the important things for baby preparation. We live in a suburb where public transportation is non-existent. Our daily method of transportation is by car. So naturally, I’ve always been hypervigilant to make sure the car seat is ready and installed.

car seat

Car seat safety is clearly a top priority for parents. When we were first time parents, my husband and I learned that close to half of infant car seats are installed incorrectly. And after the multitude of car seat installations we’ve been through with our two older boys, we can understand why! Car seat installation is just so cumbersome and confusing to know if it’s been done correctly. Needless to say, when we discovered the new new Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 DLX Infant car seat, both of us were excited to learn that it was specifically designed to help eliminate the guesswork from the car seat installation process.

In just three steps, I heard that comforting “click” sound, which makes me feel confident that the car seat is securely installed. One less thing to worry about as we get ready for our littlest love. You really can’t underestimate how good it feels to hear that click and know that the seat that is going to bring our baby home is installed properly.

It’s our third time prepping for a new baby, but it’s the first time that we didn’t argue during car seat installation! The 4-position, spring loaded, adjustable recline and easy-to-read bubble level indicator made it simple to determine the proper recline for installation. And the easy, 3-step install made it a quick process.

Even better, this car seat also incorporates features that provide more than just peace of mind. Things like the Silent Shade canopy. It easily adjusts to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes or offer privacy during car rides and strolls. And it’s made of smooth fabric, so it doesn’t startle a sleeping baby when you try to adjust it.

I know I have more to get ready in anticipation of our new babe’s arrival, but I’m so reassured to know that we will have a safe ride home from the hospital.

Click HERE to learn more about the new SnugRide SnugLock infant car seat and other available models.

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  1. We are looking at carseats as well. Going with baby trend for the infant one and since we don’t know it baby #2 will be a premie, It is easier. Especially for walks and going places. We go to the Graco all in one that goes all the way to backless booster for rest of carseat life.

    Posted 5.3.17
  2. Casey wrote:

    Installing car seats can be so difficult! Thanks for sharing your review!

    Posted 5.3.17
  3. what a cute carseat! and it looks so easy!

    Posted 5.3.17
  4. We have the same carseat and it is SO easy to install. Being the nervous new mom that I was at the time, being able to really hear the “click” was everything to me!

    Posted 5.3.17
  5. Savanna wrote:

    Love this carseat, not to mention it is super cute!

    Posted 5.3.17
  6. Emily wrote:

    Shopping for carseats is so stressful! I always appreciate recommendations and reviews from other mamas.

    Posted 5.3.17
  7. This is awesome! We used the Graco Click Connect with our first son and loved it. This one looks even better! We love Graco products!! can’t wait to see more about your baby’s progress and delivery! 🙂

    Posted 5.3.17
  8. Rachel wrote:

    We use this carseat and LOOOOVE it!

    Posted 5.3.17
  9. justine wrote:

    look at you, overachiever! i love how baby #3’s nursery looks! it’s beautiful!
    we have a graco too! not this model, but i loooove the clicks and how i just feel “safe” hearing that sound.
    you’re in the home stretch! yayayayy! it honestly, looks like your shoved a basketball up your shirt lol, sending calming vibes and energy your way, beautiful mama! <3

    Posted 5.4.17
  10. Christine wrote:

    I can totally imagine myself being super relaxed when our third baby comes along. Especially because we already have one of each and I’ve kept all clothes in storage!

    Posted 5.4.17
  11. Those car seats are insane – they look so much easier! I also love the cute striped part

    Posted 5.4.17
  12. Sharon wrote:

    Ooo baby number 3! I bet you’re a pro now, although I am sure all three are different in their own way. Good luck on the last few weeks before baby arrives!

    Posted 5.4.17
  13. Less fumbling…more peace of mind! This looks like a great car seat. 🙂

    Posted 5.4.17
  14. Car seats can be really obnoxious to install, this one looks great though! We love Graco but I don’t have the snug lock one. I love the stripes on this one too!

    Posted 5.4.17
  15. Patricia wrote:

    It always amazes me how products are developed or upgraded in such a short time. This car seat looks great! I’m super excited for you!

    Posted 5.4.17
  16. hanna wrote:

    I just can’t believe how easy that car seat is to install!

    Posted 5.4.17

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