Mom Life Mondays: Blog Link Up #34


HOLY COW!? Six more weeks?! Did I mention that C came early at 38 weeks!? While I’m not getting my hopes up for an early arrival, I cannot believe that our little one could be here with us in just 4-6 weeks. I really need to get the ball rolling on all that baby laundry and prep I have piled up in his (soon to be) nursery!

I had my checkup last Friday and found out that I am up around 34 pounds. While I tend to carry small, I do typically gain ~40 lbs. throughout pregnancy. OB isn’t too concerned, but I do feel the effects of the higher than average weight gain on my body. Baby is measuring big (per usual for our babies) and his movements literally take my breath away. He seems to be positioned head down, but my OB is going to confirm at my next appointment at 36 weeks.

I feel good for the most part and am sleeping a good 6-7 hours at night. But, I am starting to feel really uncomfortable and have definitely hit the waddling stage of pregnancy. Most days, I can’t wait to have this babe on the outside. Other days, I want to keep him in my belly just a bit longer. Oh the dichotomy of motherhood!


Our little C spent the better part of last week sick with a fever. I loved the extra snuggles, but it definitely hurt my mama heart to see him in so much discomfort. Thankfully, the fever finally let up toward the weekend. I took the boys to run some errands at our beloved Target and we spent Saturday morning at a fun kids’ space with our friends. The kids had a ball exploring Detroit Kid City and we enjoyed having a coffee and lunch with our friends.

Sunday was a bit of a struggle with lack of sleep for the whole family, but we made it to swim class and spent some QT at my parents’ house. Overall, I’m glad that I’m getting in my time with the boys before their baby brother’s arrival. This week is going to be a chilly week for Spring, but I’m hoping the warm weather comes back soon!

Have a great week, loves!

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Featured Blogger from Link Up #33: Jenna @ Jenna Designs

This week’s blog link up feature is Jenna’s post, Balancing Motherhood, Work, and Blogging. As a working mom blogger, her post resonates so much with me! I love all of her tips about keeping balance and at the end of the day, realizing that there is a way to be able to “do it all.”

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  1. In the home stretch, starting to get real. So crazy that you gain so much, if I had to guess I would say 20 pounds max! Goes to show your body does what it needs to do to keep baby safe. Good luck, I had both my kids at 38 weeks…I seriously don’t know how people go to 42 weeks!

    Posted 5.1.17
  2. Elizabeth wrote:

    Hang in there! You’re so close! These last few weeks are so rough, I know! I was induced on my due date this time around…the other 4 came at 37-38 weeks, so I was on alert for weeks. Big babies and precipitous labor are always a concern for me, so they wouldn’t let me go past my due date, thank goodness 🙂

    Posted 5.1.17

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