Mom Life Mondays: Blog Link Up #31

Happy Monday, my lovely friends! Hope you all had a weekend full of Spring sunshine and lots of fun!


I got a lil ‘me-time’ toward the end of the week and got my hair and nails done! It was so nice to get pampered and I LOVE my new hair color! As far as the weekend, our lil’ family thoroughly enjoyed the warmth and sunshine after being stuck inside during the week. From rain to sleet to snow, then to sunshine and 60s/70s on the weekend. ONLY in Michigan is this the norm for our Spring weather! The boys got lots of time outside riding their bikes and enjoying the fresh air. Saturday afternoon was spent at the metro park for a maternity photo shoot and some more bike riding. We saw a whole a family of deer on our drive up! We ran some errands and picked up groceries from Trader Joe’s and closed out the day with more outside playing time at home.

Sunday, my husband and I, on a whim decided to bunk up the boys! We moved the guest bed which was originally in C’s room into A’s old room (new nursery) and moved A’s twin bed into C’s room! It took a lil’ coaxing, but both boys passed out at 8:30 and FINGERS CROSSED it continues to go well!


I cannot believe that we are in the single digit countdown for this pregnancy. I’m sure I’ll feel differently in the last few weeks, but right now, this still feels like the fastest pregnancy ever. I guess life is just so busy day to day that the time seems to fly by. Because of how fast this pregnancy is going, I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet that I’ll be having this baby sooner than later. A was overdue at 40w3d and C came fast and furiously at 38w, so I’m not really sure what to expect in terms of the due date of this lil babe’s arrival, but a part of me expects him to go closer to his actual due date! (6/11)

Overall, I feel well. I’m eating well (but starting to get sick again) and have maintained my weight after my last month’s 10 pound weight gain, which hopefully is a good sign as far as my and the baby’s health. The littlest Dubs baby is a mover and I constantly need to go to the bathroom and heartburn is a daily companion. I’m sleeping better than I was a week ago, so I’m hoping to keep getting better about my sleep routine the next few weeks.

Photo: Jenn Anibal Make-Up: Brie Ann Miller Dress: Sew Trendy Accessories

Our terrible weather last week cleared up just in time for my maternity shoot. My amazing photographer sent me two previews and I’m in love! This was my first maternity shoot and I’m so glad that I decided to do them. I will treasure these photos long after my babies are grown. I can’t wait to see the rest of our photos and share them here too!

Hope y’all had a great weekend! Blogger friends, I can’t wait to read your latest and greatest posts! Please share your links below!

Have you heard of blog link ups? Join us for our Mom Life Mondays blog link up 31!

What is a blog link-up you ask? It’s a regular post that I’ll have on Mondays [pending any holidays or life emergencies], but it’s a place you can come to find the latest and greatest blog posts about all things parenting, motherhood, lifestyle, etc.

Featured Blogger from Link Up #30: Sheila Jane Blog

This week’s blog link up feature is Sheila’s post: Tips for a Stress-Free Toddler Birthday Party. I am all about simplicity and tips for a relaxed party planning process. We usually throw a huge first birthday bash (per Korean tradition) and I try to keep the next couple of birthdays low key. This year will be A’s fifth! birthday and we’ll be throwing his first “school-friends” party, so I’m gathering ALLOFTHETIPS already! Be sure to check out Sheila’s post and blog!

If you’re a blogger, please feel free to drop a link to a current motherhood-related blog post. I just ask that you follow the instructions detailed below!

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  1. Danielle wrote:

    You pregnancy pictures are stunning friend!

    Posted 4.10.17
  2. OH my goodness, you are stunning! You are going to cherish those photos forever. Sometimes I wish I had done maternity photos, but then again, I didn’t look nearly as good as you. I can’t believe you’re in single digits!

    Posted 4.10.17
  3. MomMandy wrote:

    I added my link to your link-up and wanted to share your post link on my site.
    But I doesn’t seem to work? I use WordPress.

    Posted 4.13.17

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