Indulging Your Pregnancy Cravings

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As a soon to be mom of three, I’ve had my share of pregnancy cravings. From having no appetite to wanting to eat all the things, there’s been no shortage of the need for snacks, flavors, and meals at just the right moment.

While all three of my pregnancies have been pretty similar, my pregnancy cravings have been different each time. With my first, I pretty much wanted to eat all the time. No real cravings for anything, just a continued love affair with all the foods. Last time, I always wanted protein and veggies. I ate lots of salads and steaks. This time all I really want are sweets. Whether it’s a bowl of fruit, ice cream, or the perfect chocolate cake; I could eat all the sweets, all the time.

I’m definitely mindful of what I eat because I want to make sure that the baby and I are getting all of our nutrients. And I had an amazing postpartum recovery after C, so I’m hoping for the same experience this time. But, I’m also not feeling guilty about enjoying a sweet treat (or two).

Last week, I tried the new Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Cakes. O. M. G.

Freshly baked without heating your oven? Check.
Decadently delicious and ready in about a minute? Yes.
18 varieties each using only simple ingredients? Absolutely.

It’s hard to believe, but so easy to love. It’s the perfect after dinner, post-kids’ bedtime treat for this mama! How perfect is that?

After having two kids, I’m all about balance when it comes to indulging without overdoing it. During my first pregnancy, I fell victim to the whole “eating for two” myth and ate like it was my job. I gained over 40 lbs and while I didn’t know that my labor and delivery were difficult at the time (24+ hours in labor, pushing for 2+ hours), I realize in hindsight, that I probably overdid it in the food and pregnancy cravings department.

In stark contrast, during my second pregnancy, I didn’t have much of an appetite at all. I was nauseous and puking nearly all of my pregnancy and even went on prescription meds to keep my sickness at bay. At the end of it all, I still gained 33 lbs and C was a healthy 8 lbs. born at 38 weeks. But, I realize that it might have been the other extreme of not eating enough.

This time around, I’m being conscious of eating well balanced meals. Which in my book, includes the occasional (and sometimes daily) sweet treat. Duncan Hines Chocolate Lover’s Cake is the perfect indulgence for my pregnancy cravings. I’m not the best baker in the world, so this is the perfect warm, delicious treat for me. It only takes a minute to cook and all you have to do is add water to the single serve pouches. I am obsessed with the Chocolate Lover’s Cake! The serving size is just right and I can indulge my pregnancy cravings without feeling bad about it.

As with all things in life, experience is what teaches me lessons. Pregnancy is no different and I’m loving the mantra of everything in moderation as the rule to indulging my pregnancy cravings.

What are/were your pregnancy cravings? Did you crave sweet or salty foods?

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  1. Jacki wrote:

    Mug cakes are my favorite! When I was pregnant with both of my kids I used to always crave cheese sandwiches on toast with pickles .

    Posted 4.12.17
  2. Annie wrote:

    My only cravings while pregnant were fruit and cheeseburgers. Once my son was born and I started nursing though ALL I wanted was carbs and sugar. Wish I had known about these!

    Posted 4.13.17
  3. Belle wrote:

    That looks amazing!!! I am absolutely going to try those!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    Posted 4.13.17
  4. How did I not know about these?! These are a perfect way to feed my sweet tooth without making a whole cake. With my oldest, I craved fruit and BurgerKing. But with my twins, I was so hungry all the time, that if it was on a plate I ate it. ????

    Posted 4.13.17
  5. My only pregnancy craving was iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts!!! I was so looking forward to letting loose & indulging in some unhealthy food… but never craved anything!

    Posted 4.15.17

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