Water Safety: Tot & Baby Swim Lessons

Are your kid(s) water babies? Do they take swim lessons? Read below about our water babies and their Goldfish Swim School experience!

Today’s post is written in partnership with Goldfish Swim School. As always, all content and opinions are my own.

Both of our boys have been water babies since birth! They absolutely love the water, which is great because we live in Michigan and love to travel to the lakes and Great Lakes all over the state. Our annual family trip is usually to a beach/ocean-side location too, so teaching our kids water safety and having them learn skills through swim lessons is very important to us.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been taking weekly swim lessons at our local Goldfish Swim School. Their revolutionary Perpetual Lessons model includes:

  • One life-guard certified instructor for every four children
  • Year-round swim lessons for children 4 months to 12 years and for swimmers of all abilities
  • Curriculum focused on teaching swim and safety skills while building character
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate even the busiest family’s schedule
  • And much, much more

Their facilities are so kid/family-friendly. The pools are heated to 90*, so I never worry about the kids being cold in or out of the water. The kids love the ocean/beach theme of the swim school!

Each of the Goldfish Swim School areas from changing rooms, gear shop, to a blow dry bar provide a complete experience from beginning to end. The changing areas have so many different amenities (like diapers for when mom brain kicks in!). And their gear shop is fully stocked with different swim essentials.

I absolutely love that they provide a blow dry bar. Both of our boys have full heads of hair and need a blow dry after swim lessons; especially during our cold, winter months in Michigan. Goldfish Swim School also has a play area that the boys love to hang out in after their swim lessons. It’s a nice little break area for moms and dads too!

Infant Swim Classes

C is currently in the Infant Swim class geared towards babies from 4 – 35 months. The classes are 30 minutes with parent participation and has a 6 child limit per class. D and I have been taking turns swimming with C every week. He needed a little bit of acclimation time during his first lesson, but in the last few weeks, he’s learned so many new water safety skills and loves to spend time in the pool with us and the other kids.

Even at such a young age, babies can learn valuable swim and water safety skills. In just a couple of months, C is learning essential swim skills like kicking his feet, floating on his back, and even learning how to pull himself out of the pool. I can’t wait to see how much more advanced he gets as we progress further along in the swim lessons.

Beginner Classes

It’s been over a year since A has been in formal swim lessons, but he warmed up right away to his 1 on 1 instruction in his Beginners swim class. In just a few weeks, A is already swimming short distances on his own and learning how to stay under water for longer periods of time, too. I’m so amazed at how quickly kids adapt and feel so confident in the swim skills he’s learning through his lessons at Goldfish Swim School.

A’s classes are also 30 minutes long with no more than 4 kids per class. Both of the boys’ lessons are at the same time, so we each take turns being able to watch from the parent sitting area. It’s a fun activity for the whole family and we’re so impressed with the valuable water safety and swim skills that they are learning every week. One of these days, we’re going to make it to a family swim at Goldfish Swim School so that we can all enjoy some pool time together! I’ll be sure to update soon about our kids’ progress.

Have your kids taken swim lessons? Be sure to find your local Goldfish Swim School and try it out! We absolutely love it!

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  1. Danielle wrote:

    Yay for Goldfish! We’ve been having a blast! 🙂 Autumn simply loves it.

    Posted 3.1.17
  2. We love Goldfish! What location do you guys go to?

    Posted 3.2.17
  3. Erin wrote:

    How fun! Mason has always loved the water and I’m just dying to get him into swim lessons. Definitely going to checkout Goldfish!

    Posted 3.2.17
  4. Elizabeth wrote:

    Wow, that looks like a great place! We have several schools like that in Texas too but for sure swim lessons are so important as well as water safety! Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings, Elizabeth

    Posted 3.2.17
  5. Belle wrote:

    Such a great post! My daughter has been slowly outgrowing her fear of water and I think I need to get my kids started on swimming lessons! I’ll definitely check them out!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    Posted 3.2.17
  6. This sounds like a great facility! We don’t have a Goldfish in our area but I will be keeping my eyes peeled, just in case!

    Posted 3.2.17
  7. Angela wrote:

    This is my next big thing I want to do with my son. He seems to really like the water, and I’ll have some peace of mind if he takes swim lessons. Thanks for sharing!! Now, I have a better idea of what to expect.

    Posted 3.2.17
  8. Angela Kim wrote:

    Wow a blow dry bar? That’s kinda brilliant! I remember the days when I used to take my girls swimming. Ahh the good old days. Enjoy these moments because they’ll grow so fast, especially when the little one arrives. Love the photos too!

    Posted 3.2.17
  9. I really wanted to sign my son up for something like this, but Hubs is dead set on teaching him hisself

    Posted 3.2.17
  10. Amanda wrote:

    That sounds like such a fun place to take swimming lessons!

    Posted 3.2.17
  11. Such great and important tips! We do our best to teach at home but we also sign the kids up for lessons to really have it set in. Especially when it comes to safety, kids tend to listen better when it comes from anyone other than their parents haha

    Posted 3.3.17
  12. Wow! Looks like a really nice facility! My daughter is six months old and I would love to get her started!

    Posted 3.3.17
  13. Looks like a really great swim school! Water safety is so important and I’m sure they’re loving the water even in the winter months 😉

    Posted 3.3.17
  14. Aww what a fun day. Look like everyone involved had a lot of fun. Kids love splashing in the water. xx

    Posted 3.4.17
  15. How awesome!! I’ve been wanting to put my kids in to swim school but where we live its only open in the summer time. I can’t wait to enroll them this year!

    Posted 3.5.17
  16. Jacki wrote:

    This place looks amazing!!! I would love to take my kids to one. Hopefully soon they’ll come to my area!!

    Posted 3.5.17
  17. Kayla wrote:

    We’ve been looking into swim lessons for our daughter this summer! So happy to have found and read your post!

    Posted 3.6.17
  18. Amanda wrote:

    I agree – the earlier kids learn how to swim, the better. This facility looks so nice! I love that they start at 4 months too. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 3.13.17

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