Mom Life Mondays: Blog Link Up #27

Happy Monday my lovely mama and lady loves! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I am here in the wee late hours of the night, blogging instead of sleeping. I’m sure I’ll regret it tomorrow, but I’m trying to get it all in before a snow storm comes our way. I was really hoping that we were past the winter season, but here in Michigan, snow in Spring time is pretty much a given event. I’m still counting my lucky stars that our winter was pretty mild this year. Anyway, here we are with our weekly link up and I’m so excited to catch up on the posts y’all share this week!


OMG. Here we are, hello!! third trimester!? I can’t believe that in just three short months, we’ll be meeting our newest little bundle of joy. I am equal parts excited, giddy, nervous, and scared for the chaos that is about to overtake our house!

I’m eating well (and gaining weight like crazy!), but I’m starting to feel a lot of the end of pregnancy symptoms pretty early on this time. I guess it’s pretty much the norm when it’s your third baby. And seriously, I’m only getting older with each pregnancy. Most days I feel great and normal, but other days I’m SO out of it and lethargic and just plain uncomfortable. In the silent moments of the hard days, I try to reinforce just how much I’ve been wanting to enjoy each moment of this pregnancy. It doesn’t always happen, but I’m glad I’m able to remind myself whenever possible.

I haven’t done much in the way of nesting. We still have to transition C into A’s room at some point this summer. So we won’t be doing anything to the nursery much, if at all. I did have D pull out two bins of newborn/infant clothes, but they’ve just been sitting out. Most days, I’m trying to enjoy all of the QT I have left with the boys before my attention is taken away by their littlest brother. I figure as long as he’s clothed, fed, and rested, babe #3 will thrive just as much as his big brothers did with all of the first (and second) time mom hoopla! Haha.


Our weekend was a “normal” one full of toddler sports, visits with family, and just lots of wrestling around and eating, eating, eating! Speaking of food, I am OBSESSED with all the sweet things. I think I made chocolate cake in a mug three or four times last week alone! HERE is my fave and easiest recipe for those of you who want an easy, sweet treat for dessert!

My parents were without power for a few days and they stayed over at the tail end of last week and my MIL is back at home after a few months’ stay at a rehab center for her ankle. So, we spent lots of QT with the grandparents this weekend. D and I always lament every winter about moving somewhere warm, but weekends like these remind me just how lucky we are to have both of our parents nearby. Michigan is HOME. And here is where we’ll stay.

Hope you all had a great weekend with your littles and loved ones! Can’t wait to link up and read your posts this week!

Have you heard of blog link ups? Join us for our Mom Life Mondays blog linkup 27!

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Featured Blogger from Link Up #26: Elizabeth @ What Mama Knows

This week’s blog link up feature is Elizabeth and her post, Fun Games to Play Outside! While we are in the thick of (what I hope is our last) snow storm, we are all itching to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Elizabeth’s list has 101 ideas for fun play for kids! Be sure to check out her list and get pumped up for Spring!

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  1. Jaclyn Q wrote:

    I can’t believe you’ve already hit the 3rd trimester! And you already know I love that cake in a mug thang haha

    Posted 3.13.17
  2. It seems like your pregnancy is flying by! I’m sure it doesn’t feel like that to you, lol! When I saw you at the photo shoot, you didn’t even have a tiny bump, and look at you now! You’re the most adorable pregger ever! I hope you’re feeling well and remembering to take care of yourself… although with all that chocolate cake, it seems like you are. 😉 xo

    Posted 3.13.17
  3. Whit Devereaux wrote:

    Congratulations on your soon to be newest addition to the family!

    Posted 3.13.17
  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Our boys just finished basketball this weekend so it’s going to calm down around here! You are just the cutest pregnant as well!

    Posted 3.13.17
  5. Thanks so much for putting this together. I am brand new to blogging and I m so excited that I ve found some parties to link up to. I put your badge up on my sidebar so hopefully it can help out some other bloggers as well!

    Posted 3.13.17
  6. Julie Hood wrote:

    27 weeks already?! More than halfway there! You are the cutest!!

    Posted 3.13.17
  7. Belle wrote:

    You look amazing mama! And sounds like you had a fun weekend!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    Posted 3.13.17
  8. Hanna wrote:

    You are just the cutest pregnant lady ever! I can’t believe you’re in your third trimester already!!

    Posted 3.13.17
  9. Shahla wrote:

    You have the sweetest little bump!! And 3rd trimester already?! wow!! SO close!

    Posted 3.13.17
  10. Elizabeth wrote:

    Jee Young! Thank you so much for the feature 🙂 That has TOTALLY brightened my day. And this week for week is definitely going to involve chocolate cake in a mug. Hope you can take it easy this week. 3rd trimester – eek!

    Posted 3.13.17
  11. Diedre wrote:

    Your bump is so tiny. Congrats on making it this far…you’re almost at the home stretch.

    Posted 3.13.17
  12. Emily wrote:

    I felt the end of pregnancy symptoms so early this time, too! And the nesting instinct hit me *hard* this week (33 weeks tomorrow!) You’re looking great!

    Posted 3.13.17
  13. Rachel wrote:

    Your teeny belly is the absolute CUTEST! <3

    Posted 3.13.17
  14. You look adorable, by the way!

    Posted 3.14.17
  15. Lindsey wrote:

    I can’t believe you’re in the 3rd trimester! You have the sweetest bump ever…this weather has been wild for everyone. Cold in Mississippi over spring break is unheard of!

    Posted 3.14.17
  16. Looks like you had a busy weekend. We are thinking of moving somewhere warm too since my hubby can work anywhere, but family is what kept us here. Michigan is Home too for us.
    You are looking great, can’t believe you are 27 weeks already!

    Posted 3.14.17
  17. Kristen wrote:

    Sounds like a great weekend! There were so many people that lost power in Michigan this last weekend. It was crazy! Northern Michigan wasn’t affected even though we had high winds too!

    Posted 3.14.17
  18. Val wrote:

    Looking so fantastic momma! The aches and pains definitely come a lot quicker the third time around 🙁

    Posted 3.14.17
  19. Casey wrote:

    Looks like it was an wonderfully fun filled weekend! And honey you look amazing!

    Posted 3.16.17

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